What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Thoroughly inspect your mattresses as there is a possibility of the presence of house pests known as bed bugs. What do bed bugs look like? Those reddish brown tiny flat critters creeping on your mattresses are bed bugs. Fully grown bed bugs are about the size of an apple pit.They are:

  • Oval
  • Flattened
  • Wingless

They are brown until they have the first sip of blood. After consumption of blood they become reddish brown and swollen. Check the picture below-

what do bed bugs look like
Bed bug feeding on human skin
what do bed bugs look like

They can lay upto 5 eggs a day and 500 eggs during a lifetime. The eggs are white in color.

what do bed bugs look like

This picture shows bed bug eggs and molting.
These eggs take on a tint of brown or golden color as they grow. The eggs of bed bugs are difficult to recognize as they resemble the mattress color or rice grains. These eggs are chemical proof. So, when you spray a chemical to kill them, a fresh batch of nymphs still starts hatching from the eggs. They have a feature of sticking firmly to whatever surface they are laid on.

what do bed bugs look like

Sometimes you might think of them as dust particles. So if you have bed bugs residing on your mattresses or furniture or anywhere (as they can appear almost anywhere), then eggs might also be there. Do not forget to find and kill them too, as once they hatch, it becomes difficult to kill the nymphs or the adult bugs. Nymphs and adults can move from place to place, but eggs can not. They can hatch even without the mother bug around. This makes eggs more dangerous than the adult. Therefore, kill them in their egg stage.

what do bed bugs look like

Newly hatched nymphs are the size of a pin head. They are light in color and translucent.
Mature bugs cannot fly,
unlike some cockroaches, as they are devoid of wings. Microscopic hairs cover their bodies.

what do Bed bugs look like

They can not transmit contagious disease and thus they are not capable of spreading infection. This is what do bed bugs look like and how they differ from all the other insects. This also makes easier to detect them. Once you know how to detect bed bugs you can also kill them.

what do bed bug look like

They are 1/4 inch long. As they molt, their size increases to 3/8 inch. Female bed bugs increase their size before laying eggs.

Their small size makes difficult to detect them with the naked eye. Their small size does not determine the intensity of problem that they can cause.

Bed bugs eggs and waste
bed bugs eggs and waste

They are commonly mistaken for other parasites in the home as they resemble nascent cockroaches and ticks.

wha do bed bugs look like
The sharp beak and long antennae on their head enables them to pierce and extract blood from the skin.

what do bed bugs look like
They are protected by a waxy skin cover.

Their flat and tiny body makes them able to hide in the tiniest crevices, cracks, and holes in doors, floors, walls and ceilings.

Once equipped with the knowledge of physical features of bed bugs, you can search for them in your house or hotel room and eliminate them. There are several varieties of bed bug repellent available to get rid of them.

It is invaluable to know “what do bed bugs look like “, as the first step to eliminating any problem is to detect the problem.

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  1. chanda says:

    this sight is so helpful only wish i knew all this when i was being tore up by them in VT at a hotel room i was renting out cause man there evil little suckers and i hope to never see them again

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    • mm says:

      What hotel was that???

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    • Viktoriya U. says:

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    • jmhensley3 says:

      i looked this page up to prove a point on what bed bugs look like. we rencently went to a hotel in north charleston sc and the manger said what we saw was probably a flea. well, not sure what kind of dog she has but i have video of a bed bug on that bed and now looking at these pics just says, those aint fleas lol

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      • sclivin says:

        @jmhensley3: As some one who is quite familiar with the Charleston, SC area. I suggest keeping out of North Charleston, that area isnt really known for its cleanliness. If you ever come back to the area I suggest getting a hotel in Charleston, Mt. Pleasent, or Goose Creek.

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      • NChas home says:

        @jmhensley3: What hotel in North Charleston? We stay there often.

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    • kiarra says:

      I see these things every night when I wake up in the middle of the night what do I do to get rid of them

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      • Victoria says:

        Get a good exterminator! I am terrified of them! A friend I know told me, how bad it was…it isn’t like a mosquito bite…it hurts for months, an itches like you want to rip your skin off…imagine having 20 or more of them, every night, she said….I pray they are taken off this earth…this is torcher…I couldn’t stand that….

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      • Jack says:

        Try using rubbing alcohol DAILY to spray down your room, closets, rugs, and especially moldings and baseboards. This will kill eggs. Also check under furniture and all bedding, pictures, fixtures and curtains. Vacuum every day and put the vacuum outside. Wash everything constantly and cut off their food supply (people and pet’s blood). Use DE (Diotomaceous Earth…$12 a 4 lb bag). FOOD GRADE only available in garden centers. Sprinkle a border around your bed, etc. and in closets and drawers. When they walk in it, they get it on them and can’t get it off. Within 24-48 hours, it dehydrates and burns them from the inside. It’s not a pesticide, but, a stainless, white powder like flour. It is very safe for pets and humans. You can sprinkle this on furniture, bedding, carpets and it will contain them. Don’t use bombs as this just causes them to go somewhere else. Sleep in your room if possible as they can follow you to where you sleep next. Be militant and keep up with this routine for months until there is no sign of them. They can live for a very long time without pet or human blood, which is their only “food”. These things suck, but, you can beat them relatively cheaply. Exterminators cost thousands and little to no relief. Bugs get resistent to the poisons, but, never to Diotomaceous Earth *FOOD GRADE ONLY* because it is natural and isn’t a pesticide. It keeps away other critters too, silver fish, pop bugs, stink bugs, spiders and the like. I sincerely hope this helps you. You MUST fight them!

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    • chanda says:

      @chanda: well im trying the steam approach.I sprayed everything down including the carpet. haven’t gotten bitten since.

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    • SAK says:

      I had my first experience with bed bugs last night in Xenia Ohio Ramada. The first clerk when called the front desk at 3am come right away and gave us a new room and proceeded to tell us they have Never had a bed bug problem and he was very sorry. I showed him the cup I collected them in and he got quiet…. The morning desk person refunded our money and apologized and said”we do the best we can, as a matter of fact we just opened that room up because it had not been used for 30 days due to infestation!!! Why lie like the first guy?!?! That’s how this stuff gets spread around. I am just thankful for Google and this sight because I googled “what do bed bugs look like” and got your sight and that’s exactly what they looked like! Now I am able to use this info and did not take any of the stuff we brought for our stay back into our house with a good cleaning to prevent the spread of this stuff. @chanda:

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  2. Aml says:

    Just got back from a carnival cruise line out of Galveston on the ship called the conquest and I had at least 35 bites on my body everyday while on vacation. avoid that cruise line and/or that ship

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  3. Viktoriya U. says:

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  4. Viktoriya U. says:

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  5. suzanne says:

    My neighbors have bedbugs,and I share a common wall. the house was built in 1939,so there are many cracks and crevases.I have started to clean with”new castle” lavender soap,This cost $10.87 for 32 oz. it has natural oils and is a concentrate. I bought it in shoprite,my local grocery store,can also b found on amazon. also use texas red cedar oil found on amazon. so far so good.no unwelcome visitors. also repels cockaroaches and other critters. if u need help call ur local building code inspector Or mayors office. we did and they will help u .

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  6. felicity says:

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  7. tanis says:

    they are so hard to get rid of a man knowingly put me my boyfriend and our two kids in a motel room infested with them from and they is also an out break of them in edmonton alberta. i really hate them and i wish they would all die


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  8. LS says:

    My husband is a truck driver. He’s been very careful to check every room he stays in. So far they’ve been fine. EXCEPT for a hotel in upper NY… he woke up with bites all over him, guess it doesn’t matter how careful you are. This site is very helpful.

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