How to Kill Bedbugs With Cold or Freezing

If chilly whether is dreadful for us, how come it is not for bed bugs. The question often arises of how to kill bedbugs with cold or freezing.

how to kill bed bugs with cold or freezing

To kill bed bugs by freezing,you need a deep freezer in which you can maintain zero temperature for two weeks. Obviously this is a hard nut to crack. To every one’s surprise there are many firms that make this possible, and it is a piece of cake for them. In this article I refer to a new, non-toxic and eco-friendly technology called cryonite.

how to kill bedbugs with cold or freezing


These days Cryonite is a very popular method used to eradicate bed bugs, especially in Australia and Europe. It is used by a pest control firm known as Stern Environmental. The best part of Cryonite is this it is non-toxic. It kills many kinds of pests using rapid freezing. The Cryonite machine sprays Carbon Dioxide snow at -110 degree Fahrenheit.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide has extreme cooling properties, which effectively kills the pests. It freezes the bed bug to death.

How Cryonite works.
Cryonite kills bed bugs with cold or freezing.

  • Invasive vapor such as pressurized carbon dioxide is very effective and no bed bug can escape it.
  • Bed bugs die instantly because of the rapid freezing of their cellular fluids.
  • This product draws energy for the process from its surroundings, even from the bed bug itself.
  • After use, instant cooling results,causing crystallization of the cellular fluids in the bed bugs, which leads to the rupture of the cells and instant death.
  • Cryonite particles cling to the pests to ensure death.

Positive points regarding Cryonite

  • It is non-chemical: therefore, there is no risk of the bugs developing a resistance to Cryonite.
  • There is no risk of contamination as it is a pure Carbon Dioxide.
  • It can kill bed bugs at any life stage including eggs.
  • It is very effective in penetrating the places where most other pesticides can not reach.
  • You do not have to evacuate your living area.

Areas where Cryonite can be used:

  • Residences
    Homes always welcome poison-free and chemical- free treatments to maintain a bed bug free life. This is because of the reduction in hazards to children and pets.

how to kill bed bugs with cold or freezing
The use of Cryonite in a residence

  • Hotels, cruise ships and motels.
    Cryonite treatment ensures complete security when offering a room for rent.
  • Nursing homes and hospitals also use it.

how to kill bed bugs with cold or freezing
A check on its efficiency

  • Clothes-moth larvae die at a temperature of about -5 degree centigrade.
  • At a cooling rate of 3.5 C per second, the time needed to kill bed bug larvae is one minute or less.
  • Cryonite provides a cooling rate far greater than this, of 800C per minute.

The above mentioned technology is just a taste of things to come. Of course we all are aware that there are people who are not satisfied with this and are in the process of developing more effective technologies to eradicate bed bugs completely.

Now that you have clue about Cryonite why not go for it? Call them up and protect your house from bed bugs rather than just wondering “how to kill bed bugs with cold or freezing”.

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