How To Kill Bedbugs With Alcohol

The word alcohol comes from the Arabic term al kohl which means “fine powder”. It has proven its value in various usages, but how do you kill bedbugs with alcohol?

how to kill bed bugs with alcohol

To get rid of bed bugs we require a special alcohol. Alcohol always kills bed bugs when in direct contact. The use of rubbing alcohol is advantageous than Clorox or bleach products. Bleach stains fabrics and can also damage other materials. However, alcohol does not to penetrate into the cracks, crevices, fabrics and mattresses. At best, it is just a temporary treatment.

How to kill bedbugs with alcohol. Follow these Steps.

  • Wash all bedding. Use hot water ( at least 110 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature effectively kills all bed bugs.
  • Vacuum the infested area. Even if a few hot spots are not infested, vacuum them too, just to ensure proper cleanliness. Remember dirt is an invitation to these pesky pests.
  • Provide proper ventilation before using any alcoholic spray as it is harmful for humans.
  • Spray isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol with a chemical sprayer. Dilute the alcohol in a 9:1 ratio (alcohol: water).

how to kill bedbugs with alcohol
Isopropyl Alcohol

  • Spray this alcohol mixture on all infested areas and hot spots. These hot spots include mattress, headboards, cracks, crevices, carpets, etc. You can use either a bottle or a spray bottle to get the most efficient results.
  • You can also rub the isopropyl alcohol on eggs so that when the bugs hatch they will be killed. Alcohol can kill the nymphs.
  • You can also combine this alcohol treatment with steam cleaning to enhance its efficiency.
  • Remove the dead bugs with toilet paper and then flush them.
  • Repeat the above steps every two weeks.

how to kill bed bugs with alcohol

  • You can also rub this alcohol on your skin to avoid bed bug bites.
  • Alcohol is highly effective in prohibiting bed bugs. You can even take a spray bottle filled with alcohol while traveling.

Some disadvantages of using alcohol to kill bed bugs

  • It can damage your furniture’s finish, paint and plastic surfaces.

how to kill bedbugs with alcohol
Use of alcohol in a kitchen

  • It never kills bed bug eggs.
  • It is harmful for humans too, so protect your eyes while spraying.
  • It kills only on contact with bed bugs. So, if you want to kill all bed bugs in your house, you have to catch each and every bed bug and spray on its surface.
  • It evaporates very quickly.
  • Bed bugs can easily cross the barrier after the evaporation of alcohol.

Those who wish to seek relief from the bed bug bites must now have the solution to the problem of how to kill bedbugs with alcohol. So do not waste any time in incorporating the above mentioned steps into your lifestyle.

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  1. David B. says:

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  2. Holly Hayden says:

    I am havin a bad infestation of bedbugs in my house i do not have the financial means to pay for an exterminator or throw out my furniture i have been sprayin alot but the fumes can get to you can chlorox help and borax with a dog and children around i have to do this myself please help thank you i will take any advice im desperate

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    • Frank says:

      @Holly Hayden: We just moved into our apt in San Francisco and had never been exposed to this dilemma well not a dilemma more like a catastrophe since I work from home. They are the most miserable creatures…I have had so many bites that I can’t even explain. Out of 36 days here I have been bitten 36 days. I have had professional exterminators paid by apt building and i have bought a few sprays and a powder called diotomaceous earth which you can buy at amazon for about $16 it’s effective but it’s messy so you have to be VERY patient with the messiness. I also bought a few other sprays but they are pricey. I just found out that you can mix alcohol with a little water and spray furniture and places they might hide and also yourself especially if they get in your hair. This is one of the most stressful events that I can remember since they are so persistent. I even sleep fully clothed and with socks and sometimes gloves but they still get my face. What a mess. I think I’m winning but losing my patience and sanity. Good luck. Spray right before you go to sleep.

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      • nicole porche says:

        Hello, I have found that I have bed bugs , can you please tell me the name of the steam van from home depot?

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      • chris tippie says:

        vaccum your carpets keep washing your clothes in hot water 110temp@Frank:

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    • James delitoy says:

      @Holly Hayden: homedepot sells a steam vac for 40.00 and it,will kill your bed bugs…emai me and I will show you how

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      • Melissa says:

        Can you tell me about this steam vac that Home Depot sells and how to do it? I cant get rid of these disgusting things

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      • jimmy says:

        @James delitoy: hi holly omg i saw one bedbug for the first time ever. my room mate had to of brought it in the house from a neighboring home who has them. I flushed it down the toilet. it was inside of our pillow case and for two weeks i kept scratching my arms and back. i sleep hugging the pillow. I am scared to death. what are your recommendations?

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      • doreen allam says:

        @James delitoy:

        Hello I know that this message wasn’t for me but can u please show me. found some bugs in bed now i am going insane every bug i see i think it is a bed bug.. I did have the fumigator come do my bed room found a black flat bug in mildew infested kitchen cabinet is this a bed bug

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      • Rebecca Wetenkamp says:

        @James delitoy: i have been dealing with this problem in my apy for 2 yrs my kids keep getting bit we have called the health dept 3 time already and all the landlord does is get a guy to spray and it doesnt help it just gets worse. we dont know wat to do but if you could can you email me a pic of this steam vac at home depot. And does it really work by killing the bedbugs and there eggs. i really need help with this problem cause my kids keep geeping bit up bad. i would appreciate it if you had any answers.


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      • TINA says:


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      • Janice says:

        @James delitoy:
        I am writing for my son who lives in an apt. with bed bugs too, the mgr. has called an externminator but they wanted him to remove every thing from his room, even light fixtutres from walls & base boards, he has no where to leave his things, so it didn’t get done. What can he do & how does this vac. work.

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know what to do, I never had this problem before… I usually see them in my daughters room crawling on the walls. It’s disgusting i told my landlord about it and he harsn’t done nothing about it. What should I do

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    • Tashay says:

      You should start to look for another apartment.

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      • Rachel says:

        @Tashay: yes it would be great to just pick up and move but MOST OF US JUST DO NOT HAVE THE CASH FOR THAT! plus, moving wont kill or get rid of em, you also have throw out ALL OF YR STUFF THAT YOU CANT AFFORD TO HAVE WASHED! i know that we were insanely infested, and my landlord and the owner (these assholes) did NOTHING TO HELP US AND I HAVE TO KIDS UNDER 5 YEARS OLD! we were getting eaten alive! it screwed up everything. evenually we DID throw everything away and move but only cuz we were suing r landlord (still are) and the owner yep, still are) and we moved into a place thanks to the fact tht WE HAD TO CALL CHILD SERVICES ON OURSELVES FOR HELP! not cuz we’re bad parents, but shoot, no other people/organizations were helping! so we got a place and we chucked everything we couldnt wash to kill the bugs and their eggs on these items including my queen sized 2,000 dollar futon and 400 dollar+ bunk bed for the kids! it was all brand new! =[ i cried. however somehow, some WAY one egg or one bug MUST have managed to tag along and now i thankfully found the nests (sadly on my new couch! =[ ) but they were NOTHING like it was. so im getting rid of em which if they are still under the thousands in numbers, is quite possible. but it took me by suprise after chucking all my clothing and POSSIBLY MY WEDDING DRESS!!! (i told em whats up at the cleaners and they said since theres no marks on the dress, AKA bed bug shit literally, they MAY be able to save it n get the eggs out. they are gonna steam it at over 120 degreees steam and then dry clean it. im so fucking broke! Sobbing! so lets pray THAT doesnt get lost too! saaadd!) ANYWAY yes. a new place may work. IF you can afford it, and it all depends on what you own, where you live, what you have to get rid of, and blah blah blaaaahhhh….. God, these things are worse than lice (head AND blody ive seen both when i went to Guadamala for a project for free. i went to do a documentary and i ended up with “Guadies” as we call em in the states. aka? BIG FREAKING LICE) and theyre worse than scabies and chiggers and ANYTHING ELSE! ugh! this nighmare is so hard to defeat once yr infested! And to all those ppl ou there who say what do i do” YOU CAN TAKE YR LANDLORD TO COURT IF HE DOESNT TAKE CARE OF IT. PUT YR RENT IN… WHATS THE WORD??? escrow yes PUT YR RENT THAT YR SUPPOSED TO BE PAYING IN ESCROW AND SHOW HIM THAT YOU HAVE THE $ YOU JUST REFUSE TO PAY IT UNTIL HE FIXES THIS DAMNED BB PROBLEM! (BB= BED BUGS, DUH) and if he STILL wont do it, you take him to court and youll win: just take pics of all bites, bugs you find, and bb “waste” anywhere n everywhere you find it. you will be compensated not only for the months youve paid rent living w/ these bugs, but all furniture and clothes too. if you have no record or cant get one from the store like an old reciept or a delivery order for the old bed, ANYTHING WORKS, but if not, just make a list and youll still get somethin! ALSO TELL THE TRUTH! YR AFRAID TO SLEEP SO YOU DONT AND YOU ARENT DOING WELL IN LIFE IN GENERAL DUE TO THIS! i know thats what has happened to ll of us! (my fam/ friends that have had em, etc…) and a fe ppl have won over 70,000$!!! nice right? DONT GIVE UP KEEP FIGHTING AND YOU SHOULD BE DOIN GREAT SOON! call the health department with all yr evidence too; they may put ya in a nice hotel fer a few. it happened to my neighbor. GOOOOODDD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!! <3

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    • dell says:

      @Elizabeth: I am a exterminator for the people. work for cheap . let me know what kind of infestation you are having and where

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      • geemur says:

        @dell: have been getting bit for 3 months,my bed and my sons is infested,driving us nuts have not slept good in months plz help! How cheap are you? Plz contact me soon can’t bare this itching any more

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  4. pjmorrison says:

    I had these pest brought in by a x relative in April, i am the only one being bite by them and i have been using alcohol full strength it has helped but i’m still fighting them. Will putting my headboard in the garage witch is not attached to the home kill the bed bugs???

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  5. Linda says:

    I am going through this now, its insane I was getting bit nightly. now spray myself down at night with alcohol( the green kind and no more bites am throwing all my furniture away on next trash day getting a air mattress and will live like a nomad, the problem is I live in the basement of someones house, but I fear they will not have the vigilance that I will, to do this cleaning spraying weekly as they have 6 kids and tons of stuff! I on the other hand could move out in a second( not sure who brought them in and from where) the thing is they are smelly and nasty I set my alarm clock to re spray myself every 4 hrs never get a full nights sleep feel like I am losing my sanity! God bless you all! have any of you tried Pronto?

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    • todd says:

      @Linda: Im doing the same thing its insane air matteress no furniture its crazy im afraid if i move ill take them with me

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  6. jimmy says:

    @Frank: hi holly omg i saw one bedbug for the first time ever. my room mate had to of brought it in the house from a neighboring home who has them. I flushed it down the toilet. it was inside of our pillow case and for two weeks i kept scratching my arms and back. i sleep hugging the pillow. I am scared to death. what are your recommendations?

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  7. help!!! says:

    I’m having the same problem. My question is my husband and I are moving and I don’t know what to do with our clothes. I’ve been eaten alive by bed bugs for 4 mths and we r finally moving but I’m afraid of them moving with us. I’m in hell, can’t sleep and always scratching!! Please help!

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    • Mrs. Parker says:

      Wash EVERYTHING and bag them straight from the dryer before removing them from the home. Every piece of lennon you have some the curtains to the bed

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    • Natalie at WAR says:

      @help!!!: Sad to say, but if you move your furniture, clothing, stuffed animals, etc. those pests are coming along with you. Remove all of the linen from your bed slowly, and place them in a plastic bag. Take them to the wash as the site recommends. Spray with the alcohol, and get the steam vac. Our boxspring has a S_ _T load of black eggs, and nymphs. I sprayed a moment ago, and I think that it will be affective; however, I’ve spotted a few on the walls throughout the house, so I’m sure they are on the run. My husband bomb the room and that got them stirred up, it didn’t do a thing. But the alcohol killed the live ones. I’m armed with my spray bottle. But will be going to get that steam vac ASAP.

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  8. Susan says:

    Alcohol after it evaporates is useless against bugs- once dry it will NOT protect against bed bugs, or kill nymphs if you spray the eggs. Please take that down.

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