How To Kill Bed Bugs With Heat

If you are one of the unlucky hosts of these unwelcomed guests, you need to know how to kill bed bugs with heat. Heat makes these pests pop like popcorn. It is one of the most effective and greenest ways to kill bed bugs. Several surefire methods exist to get rid of these pesky pests. Heat remediation is expensive but very effective. Bed bugs can easily develop resistance against pesticides, such as DDT but this is not possible against heat treatment.

how to kill bed bugs with heat
Heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs
Before leaping into the treatments, let us take a look at what makes bed bugs so active:

  1. Attractants which are yet to be discovered.
  2. Some aggregation pheromones. Pheromones are those chemicals which are secreted by other bed bugs. So this is basically a communication mechanism in all the insects.
  3. Carbon dioxide and heat are the most likely attraction to hosts. This heat means 68 degree Fahrenheit to 80 degree Fahrenheit.
  4. Hunger:Of course, it can make any living being actively seek food for survival.

The above points show that heat is one of the factors that makes bed bugs active but, according to biological sciences, anything taken in excess can prove fatal for any living creature on this earth. The same goes for the effect of heat on bed bugs. Heat above 113 degree Fahrenheit is fatal for Bed bugs.

How to kill bed bugs with heat

  • Temperature and time play important roles in eliminating bed bugs.
  • There are different time requirement to kill bed bug at different stages.
  • Adults and Nymphs take 15 minutes at a temperature greater than 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Eggs take 60 minutes to die at the same temperature.
  • You can also use heat from the sun to kill them, or at least get rid of them.
  • The Smartest trick- Treat your bed sheet with a steam iron to get rid of bed bugs. Use a steam iron for mattresses too.
  • Keep monitoring with a thermometer and stay above a temperature of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Raising room temperature above normal and maintaining it for several hours also eradicate bed bug infestation completely.
  • Treat linens/clothing in a tumble dryer at a temperature of at least 120 degrees celsius for 20 minutes. Then wash again and dry on high heat. This is effective in killing both eggs and adult bugs. The use of steam is highly recommended.

How to kill bed bugs with heat
The use of steam to get rid of an infestation in furniture

how to kill bed bugs with heat
The use of steam to get rid of bed bugs on floor

how to kill bed bugs with heat
The use of steam on a mattress

how to kill bed bugs with heat
The use of steam on wooden racks

  • You can also get rid of a bed bug infestation by using the ThermaPureHeat solution. It is absolutely non-toxic and non-chemical. It can easily get to bed bugs in wall cavities, mattress and other locations where it is difficult for chemicals to reach. It leaves no place for bed bugs to hide. This can kill eggs too.

If one knows how to kill bed bugs with a heat treatment such as ThermaPureHeat, most bed bug infested areas can be cleaned up. If not, an exterminator can called in. In fact, it is preferable to call an exterminator in cases of extreme infestation.

how to kill bed bugs with heat
ThermaPureheat Solution

Some facts regarding ThermaPure Heat

  • It requires more than 3 treatments to kill 68% of all bed bugs infestation.
  • It requires 2 treatments to kill 26% of all the bed bug infestation.
  • It requires just one treatment to kill 6% of all the bed bug infestation.
  • It holds the patent on the use of heat and filtration technology to annihilate bed bugs.
  • It is effective to thermal death point of every living being.

It is often difficult to trace bed bugs , as they infest cracks and crevices in furniture. Thermal treatment kinetics of bed bugs was examined by Department of entomology. This study has been very helpful in developing a treatment method to annihilate bed bugs.

The study shows that bed bugs are not as resistant to heat as other insects.
Another  conclusion that came out of this research in relation to the effectiveness of heat on bed bugs, is that the circulation and containment of heat around the infested materials were crucial factors.

It has also been shown that the containment of heat was greatly affected by the material of the floor in room. Heat treatment of your room not only adversely affects bed bugs but also sanitizes your room, and solves the problem of unwanted microbes, mosquitoes and other insects residing in your place.

How is heat so effective to get rid of bed bugs?
The reason is that Bed bugs become temporary immobilized completely knocked out of bed bugs.

Many of the chemical treatments are nasty and most of the time, ineffective. At this point the greener and far more effective choice left to us is heat. If you are lacking awareness regarding how to kill bed bugs with heat, learn now and live a happier and healthier life.

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  1. Michele says:

    My husband has this tubular looking heater that uses propane it says it’s 15000-30000 btu we turned it on in our room with the door and windows shut the room hit over 120 we did it twice for 3 hours I also used a hand held steam machine on all crack and crevices my question is do you think I’m free of bed bugs I was not infested I got rid of my mattress and box spring but now I am afraid to sleep in my room

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  2. Jarod says:

    go ahead n sleep in your room. thats going to b 1 way of finding out if they’re all gone. there is an trick u can do. i seen this on the internet i think get an dog bowl turn it upside down then a picture of dry ice. sit it on the dog bowl while its upside down. then on the dog bowl its self put tape or something sticky to capture them. that way u no if they waiting on you. its gotta b one of them simple dog bowls. dry ice is carbon dioxide and thats what u breathe out. thats when they attack you

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  3. tiffany foster says:

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  4. Annoyed says:

    I have had bedbugs for months and have tried the powers and sprays and it doesn’t seem to work. We have bought new mattresses and box springs and have still found more. They are so annoying! I have slept on the couch for months and I can’t take it anymore! Any more suggestions?

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    • Angry says:

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    • lisa says:

      @Annoyed: I have the same problem except their all over my apartment, theirs no were for me to go. When i say their all over their every where its an infestation, a bad one. I don’t know what to do i sleep with the light on thinking they wont come out but i still see them everywhere crawling on every thing. The worst thing is i have no money and cant afford new clothes (Especially) not new furniture, I feel stuck and i am never going to be able to get out. I just don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, I just wish someone some where could help me because this will be my life otherwise (Arms loaded with bites, pillows full of blood dots) it’s embarrassing. Thanks for hearing my story.

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      • rifca says:

        I know how u felt. I also sleep on the couch and when my grand-babies came they got bit. I took the blankets off the couch and washed them in straight hot water. I ran a hose from the hot water side so it only had very hot water in it. Then I heated some more in my large pan on the stove and poured it in too. I then sprayed the couch all over with alcohol . I also put my couch in my van which heated to over 300 degrees in a day, then I sprayed the apt all over with the alcohol. I had to leave because the smell was bad. When I came back in a day I aired out the apt and I have been bug free ( knock on wood) for over a month now. I also put my mattress in my van and left it there for 2 days. The heat in my van is very hot so I guess it killed them. Maybe smo else can say if they did this?

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  5. Emma says:

    Hi there,

    I have a bed bug infestation in my flat in Stellenbosch (Western Cape, South Africa).

    Could you reccommend someone for me who uses heat and steam solutions?


    T: +27 76 1309 466

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  6. Lex k says:

    I have infestation I found out a month ago… is the blow dry for salons able to work….kindly let me know…

    Lex – from Kenya

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  7. Craig says:

    When you use heat to do this what about the electronic items, you know the TV, radio, and all that? Thanks!

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    • Emily says:


      I just got my house done with the heating…

      -When it comes to heats, get all batteries out of the house, those will either leak or explode. Possibly put them in your garage.
      -Get make-up out of the house e.g lipstick, lip gloss. Powdered stuff should be fine.
      -stick-Deodorant: you dont want that melting on you.
      -If you have a laptop, for PC’s either take the battery out of it and put it in a drawer, or put the whole thing in the garage. For mac’s get it out of the house, you can’t take the battery out.
      And really anything that would melt, plastics fine.
      -Tv is fine to leave and a radio with batteries? take it out of the house, if not just leave it.
      -Cell-phones, you should take them out of the house, or they could get ruined.

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  8. John says:

    Yes, you can kill them yourself. No, you can’t do it with a hairdryer.

    1. Remove all clothing and bedding from a room. All clothing and bedding should be put in a Laundromat dryer on high for 30 minutes. Put the laundry in trash bags and do not return them to the room until after the room treatment is complete.

    2. Remove all plastic items from the room.

    3. Buy 2 ceramic heaters and a fan. Position the heaters back to back, with the fan across the room.

    4. Your target temperature is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. If you maintain this for three hours, you will kill all of the adults, and 90% of the eggs.

    5. After the room has cooled down, saturate your mattress and boxspring with rubbing alcohol, then enclose each in a plastic mattress protector (or or even the kind of mattress bag you would get at U-Haul).

    6. Vacuum the room thoroughly.

    7. Spread diatomatious earth in small quantities around the perimeter of the room, and under drawers and furniture.

    8. Do this in every room of the house.

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    • rifca says:

      The diatomatious earth works great on ants too. I spread it around the perimeter of my house and woooo no more ants.

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