How To Kill Bed Bugs In Luggage

Provide double dose of fun to your holidays by eliminating almost all the bed bugs from your luggage. For this you must be aware of how to kill bed bugs in luggage itself. These bed bugs are always ready to accompany you wherever you go. They love traveling too; they will get into your luggage and hitch a ride to your home. You are in this misconception that you go for a vacation to refresh yourself but unknowingly bring some creepy crawlers with you.
how to get rid of bedbugs in luggage

You can easily get rid of this problem by following some trusted tips and tricks. The following points will make you aware of how to kill bed bugs in luggage.

•   First look for the bed bugs in your luggage. Look for those brown, tiny critters crawling, shredded skin, black secretion, feces and stinky smell.

•   If you suspect bed bugs with the clues left by above things then take out the luggage out of your room immediately.

•   Empty the luggage. Remove all the items including clothes from your luggage. Put these items into a plastic bag and seal it tightly.

how to kill bed bugs in luggage
best way to keep luggage in hotel room

•   Remove every bit of bed bug with their debris by vacuuming it. Vacuum sucks up every bed bug from your luggage. Collect it in a plastic bag and seal it tightly so that bed bugs can not move out. Throw this plastic bag in an outside trash can.

•   Put your luggage, clothes and other items from your luggage under sunlight for a day at least. You can also wash the clothing in hot water to get rid of all the bugs.

•   If your place lacks sunlight then there is another method. You can also put your luggage in hot, soapy water. Brush it thoroughly so that you can reach every crevice, seams, pockets and other places of luggage where there is a possibility of bed bug harborage. Rinse it properly and check it thoroughly. Make sure there is not even a single bed bug residing there then let it dry.

•   You can also keep your infested luggage for two hours outside if outside temperature is below freezing. Keep it for at least two weeks for complete removal if temperature is below freezing.

•   Place the infested items in hot automobile.

•   Why not make use of technologies if affordable/ One such technology is PackTite heat treatment. It uses heat to kill bed bugs. It can thoroughly heat your items such as suitcase and other luggage that is proven to kill not only bed bugs but also eggs. It can kill bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle and the best part is it do not even damage your stuff.You have to simply place your suitcase or other infested luggage on the rack inside PackTite and it will disinfect it completely.

how to kill bed bugs in luggage
PackTite oven

•   Infuse some herbs in water which you will use for washing infested clothes. With these herbs you can easily free your clothes from these creepy crawlies.

•   First take a look on these tips to use essential oils.

1. Wear gloves before using it as concentrated essential oil can penetrate your skin and it can be dangerous.

2. Even diluted form of essential oils has proved fatal to some cats. So always keep your kitty away from it.

•   Home made bed bug spray recipe on how to kill bed bugs in luggage

•   Whisk together 1 cup water, 10 drops each of eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil and lavender essential oil and three drops of clove essential oil. Place all the above in a fine mist spray bottle. Shake it well before spraying it on your luggage.

•   Keeping sachets of herbs inside your luggage can not only kill all the bed bugs in your luggage but also provides a restriction for the bed bugs to move into it. You can tuck them into your suitcase and inside the pockets of the bags.

•   Sachet recipes:

Keep these two mixtures either together or separately in 10 to 12 muslin bags. You can easily get these muslin bags from the local stores.

how to kill bed bugs in luggage


1.   10 large cloves, ½ cup dried rosemary, 1 cup dried Eucalyptus leaves and ½ cup dried lavender buds.

2.   2 bay leaves, 1 cup loose-leaf black walnut tea, ½ cup each of dried eucalyptus leaves and lavender buds and ¼ cup dried thyme.

•   The scent by the above herbal sachets keeps a bed bug free environment.

•   Keep an alcohol filled spray bottle along with you while you are on vacations.

•   Keep an insecticide bottle with you and spray it in your luggage whenever you notice any crawling creature.

So this time be far more organized and let your luggage only carry your stuff not the bed bugs. Do not spend your short life in reasoning “how to get rid of bed bugs” or “how to kill bed bugs in luggage” but think of the solutions.

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  1. Lynn says:

    If you fly on an airplane and your luggage is checked can be freezing temperatures in cargo because of high altitude sometimes my luggage will be very cold and freezing temperatures can kill bugs

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  2. ARIZONA GIRL says:

    I have not sent any bugs on the kitchen dishes. Yet I have a clear impulse to wash these, and to use what would be most effective shoudl there be eggs on the dishes.

    What would be most effective? I assume hot water — as hot as the dishes can stand without cracing. And then add other subustances? But what would be MOST EFFECTIVE?

    Thanks to all!

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  3. Marilyn says:

    You are incorrect in saying that freezing cold temps for a short period of time (e.g., an 8 hour airplane flight) will kill the bugs! These bugs can live well below freezing for months! Check your facts!

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