How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Dogs And Other Pets

To develop a healthier and richer relationship with your pet you have to go the extra mile. I know you have been doing that. Besides protecting yourself from bed bugs, I urge you to know how to get rid of bed bugs on dogs and other pets. Pets are yours to care for. Pesticides and insecticides are harmful for any living being as our liver is not efficient enough to filter the chemicals that we inhale through pesticides. The all-natural Bed Bug Patrol system is recommended by many professional pest control experts. These natural products are absolutely safe for pets and they can efficiently kill eggs, larvae and adult bed bugs.

how to get rid of bed bugs on dogs and other pets

Read on to find out how to get rid of bed bugs on dogs and other pets.

How to take care of your dog and other pets in case of bed bug infestation?

  • Get rid of this misconception: bed bugs lives on pets. They never live on them but they feed on pets. When they fill their tummies by sucking your pet’s blood, they move on.
  • Bed bugs are very efficient hitchhikers. So they can hitchhike on your pet’s fur or on its bedding and clothing to your home.
  • Ask your bed bug exterminators to use only those pesticides which are not harmful to pets. Preferably make use of a green pesticide. Using the wrong pesticide can make your pets sick.
  • Make use of the EPA’s search tool on its website to find the right pesticide to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Do not forget to keep your pets bedding clean. For this launder it at least once in a week in the hottest possible water. Minimum temperature should be 120 degree Fahrenheit.
  • You can also put the bedding material of your pest in a hot drier. The temperature should be medium to high heat for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Never use Permithin to get rid of bed bugs as it is toxic to cats.
  • You can make use of Nature’s Response™ Bed Bug Killer which is safe to be used around pets. Similarly there are other organic, bio-pesticides and natural products which are safe for pets. Some examples are: Diatom Dust XR bug powder and Contact Killer Spray by Tallman Scientific.

how to get rid of bed bugs on dogs and other pets

  • Bed bug infestation is more popular in places where ants and cockroaches reside, so in this case make use of baits to get rid of these pests. This avoids the use of pesticides which are toxic to pets most of the time.
  • Never use cockroach killer or other insecticide to kill bed bugs as it can be harmful to pets.
  • Never spray pesticides in area where pets are present.
  • Dogs or other pets are never the cause of spreading bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are incapable of spreading any sort of contagious disease though they may harbor a pathogen after feeding on an infected host.

Bed bugs and pets

  • Do not ignore your dog’s behavior.

video on how to get rid of bed bugs on dogs other pets

  • Bed bugs generally inhabit the area where dogs sleep.
  • They also help in detecting bed bugs. There are special dog species available to detect bed bug.
  • Frothing at the mouth indicates that your pet has ingested pesticide. Take him to a vet immediately.
  • Some other symptoms which show that your pet is susceptible to pesticides are: vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite.

Some pet-friendly bed bug treatments:

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to use these remedies.

  • Steam treatment:  This is great to deal with your pet’s bedding to remove bed bugs.
  • Fruit and vegetable pesticides:  Such pesticides composed of Pyrethrins and Canola oil.
  • Rubbing alcohol:  This can kill bed bugs on contact. Though not a definite fix, it is a safe treament with respect to your pets.

These pesky intrusions are the enemies of your pets as well as you. How to get rid of bed bugs on dogs and other pets? Use home made sachets and remedies to get rid of bed bugs. These are safe for pets. Rest there is no substitute to hygiene and taking precautions!

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  1. SHEILA GERARD says:



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    • razorclam says:

      I have that same, maddening issue, Sheila..

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    • guest says:

      @SHEILA GERARD: If you are finding a bed bug every other day you do have a should have someone come for a free inspection if it is bad infestation they will see something with looking..or you can pay for a special dog..this dog will smell and alert any place they r in the home even if it was just one egg anywhere in home..they only like to come out at night but if hungry enough they will in light can also take a flash light and pull open tight edges of furniture or beds in creases will know when you se can be a very costly poblem.better to use a professional..i have gone through it my of luck..and in my home they where only found in the couch but I still had my entire home treated and washed everything I steam will kill a big problem so steam clean will kill them also at least 140-212degrees is best,but again if in whole house need real treatment.I used Thomas pest control a friend used terminex

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  2. jayd says:

    Me and my dog stay at a cabin that had bed bugs came home they were in my dog fur what to do.. i wash him with flea and tick soap remover… but they want go away… so what should i do

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  3. i can help you says:

    lavender spray can kill bedbugs

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  4. annoyed says:

    I have found a bed bug and live in an apartment. My child has guines pigs-thoughts on what to do for them. They will not make provision for ‘pet friendly’ sprays. Obviously I will have to take them somewhere when they do but what should I be doing for them if anything?

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  5. I Just can't sleep anymore says:

    They are really hard to kill and get rid of them! My family and I have had the, for months and we got rid of our mattresses once we knew we had them. And we have been sleeping on the floor. We have been doing everything and I just wish I could die! :,(

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    • Kathy says:

      @I Just can’t sleep anymore: I am dealing with these little buggers also. I am using a duster for plants with diatomaceous earth throughout the house. All furniture, every drawer, kitchen cupboards. The focal point is 1 room but you have to take care of everything in the house. Diatomaceous earth cuts there exoskeleton and they dehydrate and die. I wear a mask to do it but once the dust is not airborne it is perfectly safe. You can ingest it! Not harmful to pets or children as I have both in the household. I have all my blankets and clothing that is not being used in space bags and put in the trunk of my car for heat treat! Cheapo! Ha! Also one boxspring had cardboard under it and we ripped it out and to the dumpster before putting the diatomaceous earth on it. Lot of work …. But… like I said… cheapo…after this will be the steaming of the floors and furniture for assurance and then to ozone the whole house! This is no picnic…and you have to be consistent.

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  6. just got done with them says:

    i had just found out we had bed bugs around November of 2011 and we just now got rid of them jan of 2012! We had to go buy mattress covers take all of our clothes out of the closet,drawers, take all my kids toys out n my little girl play pen out side. We put all the clothes in a plastic bag unless the ones we were gonna wear, we would put them in the dryer. And all we used was steam we brought 5 steam cleaners from wal mart n everyone got a room and we steamed it from the floor to the cabinets to the ceiling even behind cracks in the wall and behind pictures, after we got done with all of that we called a lady with a dog that detects bed bugs and every where she walked him to they were gone! the only place the dog started scratching at was where my kids toys where at in this one bag. The lady asked me was there any dolls anything with fabric in there i said yes my little girls dolls and she said they are holding on to the dolls so we open up the bag pour the toys on the road and steamed them and the dog sniffed it again and that was it all of our bed bugs were gone. But we still gonna call an Exterminator for them to come check and look in about a month or two. so good luck gettin rid of your bed bugs dont go out and buy all of these products for your bed bugs just cause they say they are the best just use steam and hot water (boiling hot water) so wish you all the best luck :)

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  7. kathy says:

    we have bed bugs n they r being taken care of next thursday but what do i do to make sure they arent on my 3 cats n 1 dog after the pest control crew ppl come do i have to do anything for my animals after that to make sure they are not on them before i bring them back in the house. please get back to me soon as possible . thank you very much

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  8. Dana says:

    My daughter came home from school and told me that her nurse and teacher said she has nets. Is that the same as bed bugs? And what should be done about this cause Im sure we all have them now I would think cause we use the same brushes. What can I use to get rid of these bugs? Please let me know ASAP. THANK YOU

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    • keith says:

      cover your eyes with a dry washrag,and use karoseen,mixed with a little water.hold your head over tub and poor.

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