How To Detect Bed Bugs?

Find out how to detect bed bugs and get rid of them. While their black secretion and stinky smell may be an indication of bed bug infestation, these clues alone are definitely not confirmation.

detect bed bugFinding these tiny critters is not an easy job. Their miniscule size allows them to hide almost in any crack, crevice or hole in your house. Bed bugs are tiny insects. The adults are only about 1/4 inch long. To detect them you should be aware of what do bed bugs look like.

how to detect bed bugs

They have brownish flat bodies. Their physical features are comparable with roaches and ticks. They scoot rapidly across floors and furniture. The eggs are so tiny that they may look like dust. Their fecal matter resembles pepper spray. Eggs can be found in well concealed spots.

Developing bed bugs periodically shed their skin, so their presence can be detected by the dead skin droppings on sheets or other places where they reside. These are nocturnal insects, which bite humans in the early morning hours. They probe into the skin with the help of the beak present on their head, inject an anesthetic and suck human blood with the beak.

After having their dinner they saunter off to rest and digest their meal properly. Normally bed bugs are flat in shape. They dine on blood for 5-10 minutes approximately. This increases their size three fold and their shape becomes rounded. This also leads to misidentification of bed bugs.

They are easily transferable to other parts of house or to other apartments, and they even move to other area by hitching a ride on various items. They reproduce hyperactively. These characteristics help them to become widespread very quickly.

A Video on How to Detect Bed Bugs

How to detect bed bugs by simple means.

detect bugs

  • Use a very bright light to make the bed bugs more visible, because they like to hide in cracks and crevices in mattress seams and in furniture.
  • Abandoned bed bug skins and their feces are the clues to their presence. Bed bug feces are smaller than mouse droppings.
  • Look for their black and obnoxious smelling gland secretion.
  • There may be tiny blood spots on your bed sheets indicating the presence of bed bug.
  • Check your body for rashes or red welts to detect the presence of bed bugs in your house. You should check your body because bed bug irritation is frequently not felt immediately after the bite has occurred.

How to detect bed bugs in furniture.

bed bugs come from

  • Thoroughly inspect your box spring.
  • Look into the crevices and cracks in the bed frame.
  • Examine furniture thoroughly, removing drawers from dressers and desks, and turning furniture upside down to expose the bottom.
  • Pay particular attention to any tears or holes present in mattress.
  • Place your box- spring upright and shine a flashlight through the translucent fabric of the underside.
  • Empty the box-spring completely if bed bugs are present. Leave the underside of the box exposed for repellent or insecticide treatment.

How to detect bed bugs in your home

detecting bugs in home


  • Especially trained dogs are available these days which can easily detect the smell of bed bugs.
  • DIY Bedbug detectors are also available, and with their help you can easily detect bed bugs.

Bed bugs are capable of surviving for up to 18 months without eating, but when they find a food source close to them, they suck blood every 5 to 10 days. One good part of the story is that bed bugs do not transmit contagious disease, as mosquitoes do. The most important thing to know is how to detect bed bugs because without detecting the problem you can not fix it.

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