How Long Do Bed Bugs’ Bites Last?

How long do bed bugs’ bites last varies depending on the individual. In some victims what begins as large wheals left by bed bugs eventually becomes a disease. Recuperating from bed bug bite symptoms is not as easy as it seems, truth be told. However, most cases do not usually require treatment. Some say it last for a week while there are many who have received bug bites and never felt even a pinch. The bed bug usually feeds for 5 minute period at a time. They usually feed for 5 to 10 days and no more than that.


How soon you recuperate from it also depends on the type of bite you got from these pests

  • Large wheals left by bed bugs eventually grow into red marks which fade away soon.
  • Bites can cause eventually result in swelling and blisters are the worst form of bed bug bites. They stay for a longer period of time and can require dermatologists’ treatment as well.


how long do bed bugs' bites last
Severe case of bed bug bite

  • Bites that cause itching and if you do not stop yourself from scratching then it can cause further injury which eventually leads to huge yellow marks.

how long do bed bugs' bites last
Bed bite bites which stay for only 2 to 3 days

  • Most of the time bed bug bites naturally swell within 10 minutes to 24 hours. They swell and appear reddish with a little discomfort and itchiness.

Factors which enhance the bite symptoms and cause bites to stay longer

  • Scratching causes the bites to swell instantly.

how long do bed bugs' bites last

  • Bites are too small to be noticed. Even some dermatologists are not able to diagnose it. Thus they can not treat it properly.

Understanding bed bug bites and getting rid of them earlier

  • Be assured you will never get any hazardous disease from bed bug bites, though the symptoms can be painful.
  • As soon as you notice a bed bug bite wash it with soap and water immediately. This can provide you instant relief from bed bug bites.
  • You can also apply anti-itch creams. These anti-itch creams are readily available in various drug stores. They are also helpful in curing bed bug bites.
  • Apply as ice pack to the affected area to get instant relief from bed bug bites. Ice has the potential to minimize swelling.
  • To reduce pain, it is highly advisable to take a painkiller.
  • Get rid of bed bugs and of course you will not be ever be bitten. Now a days more judicious and focused treatments are followed to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Discard all badly infested items, such as bedding, and persue other ways to get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible.
  • When bed bugs feed, they do so with the beak. They also transfer some saliva with their bites. Fortunately, their saliva does not contain any pathogen so it is incapable of causing any allergic reaction.

Avoid wounds due to scratching itches. Leave it alone and work on getting rid of the bed bugs. If your skin reacts harshly to bed bug bites then consult a dermatologist or follow some of the handy remedies mentioned above. At worst, that is how long do bed bugs’ bites last.

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  1. Danielle Parker says:

    will calamine lotion relieve the itching or is there something else i can use

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    • JEN says:

      I would recommend hydrocortozone cream @Danielle Parker:

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    • Sarah says:

      These insects are so expecive to kill.Whats worse is when your on a small budget and no one wants to help. Does anyone know A cheap effective way to kill them ?

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      • Lauren G. says:

        @Sarah: I’ve heard/ read that Diatamaceous Earth is a cheap, inexpensive way to rid your place of bed bugs & that the Pest Control companies don’t really want people to know about it.. (of course, DIY is less $$ in THEIR pockets!) You can get this @ Feed supply type stores and it MUST be Food Grade diatamaceous earth. Food grade will not be harmful to any living mammals, including pets. It is like a powder and you sprinkle it (lightly) wherever.. when bed bugs walk thru it, it acts like little razors to them… and they die. Just keep in mind, D E does not work effectively in Dampness/ damp areas, so if applied in a damp environment it must be re-appled -dry. Hope this helps. YOu could probably get other opinions, etc on Diatamaceous Earth & bed bugs if you Google it. Right now, i am in a new (2mos) Apt.. & have heard that my downstairs neighbor has Bed Bugs really bad..The rental agent tells me there will be an Exterminator/Pest Co. here next week too inspect whole Bldg. (6units per Bldg).. I’ll keep u posted what transpires.

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  2. Jetta McDaniel says:

    What are the different living conditions do the bed bug live in??? I have turned a room in my shed, into my office. I noticed the bugs at first when i was pulling late class work. Now I know why that was. Dose clorox bleach Help to keep them from coming out and decidding that I can be it’s next meal. Yes I have been bitten several times. I Have sores all up and down my arms and legs. Now that I have ridded myself of the problem; how do I fex myself. I feel as though I look like someone that decided to just started scratching and picking all over themselves.

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  3. jackie says:

    yes calamine lotion works to stop the itch and dry the infected area out also .
    @Danielle Parker:

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  4. maranda says:

    Am very angry….never bee exposed to these in my life untill I stayed in a hotel that looked clean enough to me but man was I wrong…me and my children are covered in bites yet my boyfriend has none and sleeps right beside me….I pick and say my blood is sweeter but why is he really unbothered by them

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    • Desiree says:

      @maranda: This may be a little late to say but it’s probably an allergic reaction. You may be Allegergic and your kids may have gotten that from you. While your boyfriend was probably bitten, it may not have appeared on him because it’s so hard to spot if you aren’t reacting to it. I’m no expert by any means but it seems the most plausable because bites usually don’t show up so soon if you aren’t allergic.

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      • Heather J says:

        I realized my baby inherited her sensitive skin from me b-cuz no 1 else had a severe reaction like she did. I welt up from mosquito & flea bites. My husband is the same way. But it is not noticeable on my mom or sister.

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    • Pete says:

      @maranda: I slept in my brothers bed while he was on holiday, and I got bitten, not too badly, just a few here and there. My mother said she had sorted the problem, and a few weeks later (against my better judgement) I slept there again…. Ouch!!! I was very badly bitten :/ the difference (and this will answer your question) is that I had shaved my entire body inbetween, mens hair makes it harder for the bugs to get to your skin.

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  5. Angela says:

    My son had bites that occured on his arm, legs, and groin area. We did not know what they were. He later had his lymph node to swell underneath his arm. I took him in and he was told he had an infection due to the bed bug bites. They gave him a shot and some meds to take. He is still itching! What do I need to do next. Articles say they should last 2 to 3 days. These bumps have been itching for over a month.

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  6. kelsey says:

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  7. yvonne says:

    bed bugs have nothing to do with being a dirty or clean place. They get to hotels and stores by hitching rides on people. For example if i have bed bugs and i buy a shirt and take it home with me and then decide to take it back and some of the bugs hitch a ride the store hangs it back on the rack and then you try it on boome you have bed bugs or people who travel to different hotels carry them from place to place

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  8. John says:

    Bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of because they don’t eat anything but human blood, so you can’t poison them orally, and the only effective poisons are the ones each bug has to come into contact with. Over the counter poisons will give them a tolerance, and even the pros can overlook the many, many little places these things can hide. You have to use yourself as bait. A good thing to know is that they stay 5 to 20 feet from you – Close enough for easy access and far enough away to be safe from killing them when you are awake. The young ones are translucent and small enough to hide in the smallest of cracks. Best to circle your bed with poison. They feed every 3-4 days but can live for a year without food. I’ve also learned from experience that if a treatment does not work in 2 weeks, you need a follow-up treatment – no matter what the exterminator says about a 30-45 day residual from the poison. If they haven’t stepped in it and died in two weeks, it isn’t going to happen. There is either a gap in the poison circle or the poison has lost enough strength to kill them. It takes a while for them to die because first they have to cycle out (some may have just eaten and need 4 more days to come out again), and then allow another five days or so for them to actually die. Hence why it takes a couple of weeks, but no more than that.

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