Home Remedies To Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are numerous natural, organic and bio-pesticides available on the market for bed bugs but there are also several home remedies to get rid of bed bugs. They are far safer for kids, pets and people with sensitivities, compared to chemical pesticides.

Home remedies can safely kill bed bugs

  • Use canola oil or rapeseed oil and pyrethrins. These herbs attach to the bug’s nervous system. They are also effective in killing the eggs.
  • Black walnuts are also very effective in eradicating bed bugs from your house.
  • Spread some mint leaves in those areas which are more prone to bed bugs. The pleasant smell of mint is unpleasant for bed bugs, thus it repels bed bugs.
  • Spreading Lavender is also a home remedy to get rid of Bed Bugs. The smell of Lavender oil is a big turn off to bed bugs. You can also use lavender sachets placed in your closets and wardrobes. Its pleasant smell is very effective in preventing bed bugs. To make a Lavender sachet is not rocket science. First of all, dry some Lavender flowers. Then put the dried flowers between two pieces of fabric, and sew these pieces around the edges.

Home remedies to get rid of bedbugs
Lavender Sachets

  • For best results, rub lavender oil on your bed frame. You can also add some drops the water used to mop the floor.
  • Some special covers are available on the market made from special fabric. These covers can easily trap any bed bugs present in your mattress.
  • One of the best known herbs to drive away bed bugs is Cayenne pepper.
  • Treat your mattresses with steam as high temperature is very harmful to bed bugs.
  • Always wash bed sheets and clothing in hot water. This not only prevents bed bugs ,but also kills already present.
  • Frequently remove your mattresses and place them in direct sunlight, the sun since temperatures of over 113 degrees Celsius are said to kill bed bugs. This home remedy can also be used to destroy any lingering bed bugs.
  • Scatter some “diatomaceous earth”, especially in your bedroom. Diatomaceous earth is composed of algae fossils which causes jagged edges in diatomaceous earth. These jagged edges cut the surface of bed bugs causing them to bleed to death when they crawl across it.
  • Always remember that the bedcover or sheets should never touch the ground otherwise bugs can easily crawl up and suck your blood while you sleep.
  • Placing toys, footwear, clothing, rugs, stuffed animals, bags and other non-launderable things in the drier for some period of time removes not only bed bugs, but also many other home pests. This removes bed bugs but after that do not forget to clean the laundry room as bed bugs can make their unwelcome comeback to other parts of the house from the laundry room.
  • Spraying alcohol is not a definite fix, but can kill some bed bugs on contact.


  • You can also make your own herbal spray. Mix 10 drops each of lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oil in one cup of water. Fill a clean spray bottle with this mixture. Spray the infested area. Do not forget to wear gloves as contact with essential oils can cause health problems.
  • Spread some boric acid powder on the infested area. Never apply boric acid directly to mattresses.

Some safety tips

  • Keep the spray out of the reach of children.
  • Never spray on mattresses, sofas or other areas of direct human contact. Though organic, these sprays can be harmful.

It is far better to take care of few dos and don’ts. Try to prevent yourself falling into the temptation, where an extreme condition persuades you to use toxic chemical pesticides, which are harmful not only to bed bugs, but humans too. These home remedies are safer and cheaper. Stop reeling from bed bug agony, make use of home remedies to get rid of bed bugs.

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  1. Cee Mill says:

    I found this information on Bed Bugs very informative and helpful. I knew these pests lived all over the world and was told of their terror by my elders. As a child of the 50′s this is the first time I’ve had to deal with them and armed with the information I got this morning this will be the last time I have to do the “Home Alone Scream” because of them. I’ve already gotten the can and foggers by Raid. I intend to bomb my entire home. I will be removing clutter as soon as I get off this computer. I use alcohol consummately and love the smell of lavender, rosemary and thyme. I shall make sachets from old panty hose because it will require only the knotting of the open end (the no sew method). I shall also search for a reasonably price mattress cover. A good knight slept is very important to me and I am determined to get back to having them. I found I was very allergic to both the reality and thought of these menaces. Thank you.

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    • Anon says:

      @Cee Mill: I’ve recently had bed bugs in my apartment, and have successfully gotten them removed with heat treatment. I was told by the exterminators never to use bed bug “bombs” because all they do is repel them – the bugs then disperse from their hiding places and find new places to hide …so they end up spreading in the home, and maybe even in neighboring apartments, which makes it harder to get rid of them.

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    • Danièle C says:

      @Cee Mill: First, sorry for my English which is not perfect, I’m francophone from Montreal, but I had a problem with 2 different bugs (the one who loves matelas and another one who loves EVERYTHING). The best thing for me has been a steamer (H20 as advertised on TV) and Boric Acid mixed with syrup or anything sweet. Regarding the Boric Acid mixture, you put a little in a small pot and you use Vaseline inside the pot all around the top so they smell the mixture but the Vaseline makes them stick and they can’t move anymore. You put few pots in different places, especially near the frig, the wave, the washing machine, your computer, TV and also near the food of course. Be careful if you have a domestic animal

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    • cci-ci says:

      omg this works are yu serious

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  2. danielle hernandez says:

    i had beg bugs over five times! i dont know wat im doing wrong! the first time we had them they did the heat treatment on our apt and we got kicked out of our apt because of it! make a long story short we moved around alot! every single time i noticed the bedbugs! we throw away our furnature and wash our cloths in hot water! we do everything possible and i dont understand why we keep getting them! can someone please give me advice! i dont have much money to throw everything away again! please help me!

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    • TJ says:

      @danielle hernandez: Take a look at your car.. they can infest there to.

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    • Lynette says:

      @danielle hernandez: If you live in an apartment complex, anothe apartment maybe effected and they can travel through vents and other items such as wall coverings. Also dont forget to treat the baseboards and cracks around the windows as well.. :) Good luck.

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    • guest says:

      @danielle hernandez: The best way is pay a professional..get furniture steam cleaned then vacumed..at same time go to laundry mat wash all colthes,curtains,ect..if you had them bad enough they will live in wood tv’s ect..they can live without a feeding for 18 months they get in sneakers to hide..pay for a professional dog to come in your home and the dog will alert any area they r hiding so it will help to be cheaper to know maybe they r in one chair and one bed get your house treated throw away them things or steam clean them it will kill them…good luck

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  3. William Hohmann says:

    Okay curious about a few things, I understand the clutter and will take care of that very soon, curious though where does one find lavender flowers at so the sachets can be made. And is the concentrated lavender oil one would use for the plug in and what not work for the furniture and what not. One more question though would plastic drop sheets, one uses for painting be used to create a bed bug sheet for the mattress, if so that will be much more cheaper to go with since I live on a limited income. ??

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    • Michele says:

      @William Hohmann: You can go to Walmart to the section where they have candles usually and they have various oils as well as potpourri which you could get in lavender as well as other scents and it is fairly inexpensive. I was looking at some the other day for another reason and had I known my kid had bed bugs then I would have picked them up! Good luck with yours! And keep your fingers crossed for mine! hehe..

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    • guest says:

      @William Hohmann: there are places that have payment plans..I used Thomas pest service they r great they eased my mind and know we sleep tite..lol good luck

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  4. Angel says:

    I moved into a house and wasn’t told there were bed bugs. so over time the infestation got worse and now I can’t sleep I am irratable cant constrate and don’t have money to throw away on treatments the company’s want 95.00 just to come look. I don’t know what to do. I like living here but dread the night

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    • guest says:

      @Angel: I used thomas pest service they where great just a couple days ago they not only do payment plans but also do free inspection good luck

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    • Xavier says:

      To get a good night sleep get a cot bed with the six legs and on each legs put bug glue traps wash the covers and pillow you will sleep with and dry with hot air. Don’t let the sheets touch the floor and while you are at it get more bug glue traps and put it all over dark areas near your surroundings, sleep nice and let the traps do its work. By the way you will be the bait but the traps will be on. Wake up in the morning and leave the sheets and pillow on the cot bed. Do this for as long as you have bedbugs and you will be okay. If they can’t eat they can’t multiply and eventually die.

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    • djh says:

      I just recently discovered we had bed bugs. And I had troubles sleep we threw away our couch and dressers cleaned my whole apartment . We bought a bed cover and pillow covers specifically for bed bugs cleaned all of our clothes. at the laundry mat and bought totes for all clothes to keep them sealed tight shoes must be cleaned to and dried. We also spray off on us before we go to bed and have white sheets. There is a kit online for 105 dollars that works well anything wood they are and the longer u wait the more it will cost

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  5. lawanda says:

    this is for angel . i saw this spray and read up on in u can get it at target are wall mart . its called sleep tight and its 20 bucks and from what i read it works . and i’m going to pick some up for myself in the morning cause i found out we have them little critters also . and i’m not getting much sleep either we sleep more in the day time

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  6. Flo says:

    it is your landlord’s responsiblity especially if there were bed bugs there before you moved in.

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  7. Don says:

    Frequently remove your mattresses and place them in direct sunlight, the sun since temperatures of over 113 degrees Celsius are said to kill bed bugs. This home remedy can also be used to destroy any lingering bed bugs.

    as nice of info this is, 113c is above what the outside temp of the sun will get. Don’t bother taking your mattress outside people, there is no way in hell, it will get to 113c LOL

    235.4 degree F LOL at this crock pot

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    • nuke says:

      @Don: The writer means 113 F man be logical
      45 – 47 degrees C is what kills them – use your brain a bit

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    • Lynn says:

      @Don: you must not have ever been to Phoenix it is 117 and 118 several days in August !

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    • damari says:

      the matress wont work but if you put clothes in a car the heat builds up more and definitly kills bugs. afterwards just vacuum out your car.@Don:

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  8. TJ says:

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