Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In A Couch

Each and every household item stores a memories. It is really difficult to part with them. That is why Indian houses are known for keeping even the most ancient household items in their houses for so long. Even abandoned toys tell so many stories. Just a few measures are required and you can secure these treasures for generations to come.

“Couch”. Even the name has the potential to allow you to sleep. The devastating thought of bedbugs in a couch will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Bed bugs are so pesky that they can easily convert your most comfy furniture into a mess. It is not at all cost-effective to replace your sofa every time it gets infested by bed bugs. Some well-known yet not always thought of measures are more than enough to get rid of bed bugs in couches.

get rid of bed bugs in a couch
Couches and mattresses are the favorite places of bed bugs. Bed bugs do not like the couches themselves, but they use them to feed on your blood. The reason lies in them being so comfortable. It is on these places that you spend most of your time. A sofa or couch possesses hundreds of hidden places to keep bed bugs safely. They can even lay eggs there.

Remove bed bugs with Sofa Safe

It is a tool both to prevent and remove bed bugs from your couches or sofa sets. The manufacturers of Sofa Safe claim that it can remove bed bugs from your couches instantly. Many times it becomes unhealthy to spray the insecticides on couches. Many times it becomes unhealthy to spray insecticides on couches. The primary mechanism of Sofa Set its LOCK-IN effect. It locks in these critters so that they cannot take their next meal. No living creature can survive in starvation.

get rid of bed bugs in a couch

The Sofa Safe, Lock-Out mechanism helps you to locate the bed bugs. Its primary principle is to remove the bed bugs. Yes, you will have to hire professionals for this tool if you are not good at handy work.

get rid of bed bugs in a couch

Failing to do this may result in damage to your valuable couch. Yet it is far cheaper than replacing your couch with the new one. You can never get rid of bed bugs by replacing furniture.

Some healthy ways to maintain your couches bed bug free

  • Cleanliness can solve many problems. So keep your couch clean. Regularly remove the dust from your sofa with the aid of vacuum cleaner.
  • Spreading mint leaves in your house also helps to prevent the problem.
  • Routinely spray lavender oil on your couch to prevent bed bugs.
  • Replace the Couch cover frequently with the fresh one.
  • Unpack your luggage outside your home so that bed bugs cannot get on the couches via your luggage.
  • Avoid clutter and mess in your house. Clutter and mess is among the most attractive places to be infested by bed bugs.
  • Kill bed bugs in their egg stage.
  • Use waterproof couch covers to prevent bed bugs.

A video on how to detect bed bug in a couch

Ways to get rid of serious bed bug infestation in your house

Bed bug gets into the couch from several infested places in your house. So it is your duty to locate the infested area and eradicate the bed bugs from there. This way you can get rid of bed bugs in a couch. So first remove the bed bugs from your house.

  • Call exterminators
  • Fumigation
  • Pesticide and insecticide
  • High Temperature: This is a well known fact that bed bug can only survive up to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature higher than this are highly fatal for them. Make use of steam to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Freezing point of bed bugs! Yes, there are several freezing techniques which are quite effective in removing bed bugs. An example of such freezing technique is Cryonite.

There is no need to get rid of your favorite couch where you have spent so many moments of fun together with your beloved ones. Prevention is better than a cure. It is also a well-known fact that once infested, it becomes difficult to get rid of bed bugs in a couch. So, why not kill then in their infancy.

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  1. charlee says:

    bed bus can live up to 550 days without eating.

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    • Kristin says:

      @charlee: I live in an apt which is an old house broken down into 4 apartments. My husband, myself and our dog have lived here 15 months. When we moved in our neighbors told us they have a bedbug infestation then went on to explain how the landlord treated 2 of the apartments professionally but not the other 2 and so the bugs that survived the treatment just moved over to the other 2 apartments so now they have bedbugs. This worried me so i payed close attention and here i now am 15 months later and we have an infestation. Well, my landlord had the pro’s come out and they checked our bldg and sure enough our apt as well as the other apt have infestations. So i was upset with my landlord and accused her of being “cheap” and not having all 4 apt’s treated at the same time causing the ongoing problem. My landlord claims that the pro’s told her that its not necessary to do the 2 apartments that show no signs that they will use a “protective barrier” around all the trim so that they the surviving bugs cannot relocate to an apt that hasnt been treated. This surprises me because all of the evidence shows that my belief makes more sense. I have no choice but to believe her, can anybody tell me what the actual truth is: should all 4 apt’s be treated or just the 2 that show signs?

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  2. patty says:

    i have moved from arizona to saginaw mi. 4 months ago well as soon as i moved into this apt rhat had been closed down for 1and a half to 2 years my cali king 2000.00bed got infested with bed bugs of coarse the landlord blamed me but i had my bed at my brothers here before even moving into the apt with no problem i started getting bit immediaetly on my feet walking across the carpet so i told landlord he has had it sprayed with no releif i am going crazy i bought another bed after throwing my big bed away its now infested as well he has ahd his friend of 16yrs exterminate 5 times i still have bedbugs what do i do im ready to go in the crazy house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. jennifer beigarten says:

    you say sofa safe won’t allow them to have their next meal and they cant survive starvation..But bedbugs can go without a eal for 18mths

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  4. nicole arney says:

    I’m so terrified my mother has a servere amount of bite all over her and she has diabetes, I’m also starting to see bites.

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  5. Amber says:

    A neighbor actually threw an open mattress out of his house and on to the sidewalk where everyone walks. No one knew exactly why until my sister started noticing bites on he ankles. we thought it was just a rash so we brushed it off and bought her cream for itching. A month down the road my 2 year old daughter started getting bit severely. I took her to the doctor and he asked is there a chance we may have bed bugs and I said ” What???”. The granddaughter of my neighbor who is very close friends with my sister and comes over daily is the one who brought it in my home! Its been almost 3 months now and I’m at my wits end. I don’t know if I can afford someone to come out and spray for me because I heard its really expensive.

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  6. Terri says:

    yes i have them also how can you tell how long they have been around?

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  7. Saunter says:

    I used Diacomacious Earth. I really used it. It’s every where in myy home it limits them from getting into my belongings, but I have to live with the dust, the sneezing and the pups shed hair a lot. but we are not being eaten. I bomb every time I see anything or every 3 days or so around my bed.
    I am injured and live in a old mobile home with cracks and occasional mice.

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    • Kristin says:

      @Saunter: My landlord is Finally hiring professionals to come into my apt (an old house broken down into 4 apt’s) to have it treated for bedbugs. The professionals are busy and cannot come do it until next week so meanwhile my husband and i go to bed every night with anxiety and we both jump around often as we r trying to fall to sleep because we are imagining we are getting bitten. We also have a puppy and she has bite marks as well. My landlord suggested we use Diacomacious Earth (?) meanwhile, until the pro’s come next week. Do u know if its safe for pets?

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  8. Pam says:

    Can bed bugs live in leather couches?

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