Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Bed Bugs

The versatility of tea tree oil makes most of us wonder, “Does tea tree oil kill bed bugs?” Nobody wants to drench his or her mattress in chemicals in the form of pesticides. Most of us would rather go for a greener way but are unaware of the facts about these herbs. There are many poisonous natural remedies available. One of these toxic remedies is tea tree oil.

does tea tree oil kill bed bugs 

It is not able to kill bed bugs as it vaporizes quickly. Concentrated tea tree oil can kill bed bugs but it is highly dangerous to spray around your sleeping area. If ingested or inhaled, tea tree oil adversely affects the liver.

Points to remember

  • It is highly recommended by many experts to open your windows: you must have proper ventilation while using it as it is harmful to inhale. It is highly toxic, so never try to consume it.

does tea tree oil kill bed bugs

  • Preferably, use it in diluted form. The, diluted form of tea tree oil can not adversely affect bed bugs, but does make them smell better.
  • Spray the diluted form all over your mattress.
  • You can also apply it on the bed frames and legs to prevent them climbing into your bed and sucking your blood.
  • Do not forget to spray it under your bed.
  • Using tea tree oil in concentrated form can cause many problems such as swelling, redness, blistering and itching.
  • If ingested, tea tree oil can cause diarrhea.

Some advantage of using tea tree oil

  • It is non-toxic if used in diluted form.
  • It is a cheaper remedy.
  • It smells good.does tea tree oil kill bed bugs
  • It does not work on its own, so it’s better to use it in combination with other remedies. There are many aromatherapy quality oils available in neighbourhood stores such as Walmart. It is a good deodorizer. You can also disperse this kind of oil in the air to get rid of the pungent smell caused by these creatures.
  • Always choose the appropriate tea tree oil for your needs as there are many varieties available on the market.
  • You can combine tea tree oil with heat. For this you can use your hairdryer. Put your hairdryer on the hottest possible setting. Blow tea tree oil sprayed onto your mattress.
  • You can use it as a repellent by applying it in diluted form on your skin before retiring to bed. This is because bed bugs are nocturnal and are active during night. When you apply it on your skin it will prevent bed bugs from biting you.

Some facts about tea tree oil

  • It is not made from tea
    -it comes from the paper bark leaves. This tree is indigenous to New South Wales, Australia. It is endowed with a rich history as a natural cosmetic and medical poultice.
  • It is effective against burns, insect bites, mites and lice infestations.
  • It enhances sweating.
  • It clears mucus and many other problems.
  • It can fight acne very effectively.
  • It is an anti-fungal.
  • It is toxic to cats.

“Just because the river is quiet does not mean the crocodiles have left.” Being a nature lover does not necessitate choking on poisonous vapors to eliminate these pesky pests. There are many safer ways such as extreme temperatures (both freezing and steaming). Definitely a combination of heat and tea tree oil is an effective yes to the question “Does tea tree oil kill bed bugs?” Otherwise it is strongly disapproved of.

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  1. Diane says:

    We have had a pest control come in our home and spray the whole house .One room in perticuar had bed bugs ,the rest of the house was sprayed for precaution.Will using tea tree oil in that room keep them out if there are any left?
    Thank you for your advise.

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