Does Raid Kill Bed Bugs?

Poorly-rested and paranoid! Heard of Raid but the burning question in your mind is “Does Raid kill Bed Bugs?” Let us explore!

Raid is a cold-blooded killing machine. It follows the principle “Ruthlessness is efficiency”. There is not a single thought of mercy when Raid kills these bugs. Deltamethrine is the active ingredient in Raid. Everybody’s favorite bug is a dead bug. So, why not annihilate these intruders!

does raid kill bed bugs

Features of Raid which makes it so impressive

  • This harbinger of death not only kills, but also keeps working for 2 weeks. The entry of any bed bug is prohibited constantly for two weeks.
  • Its versatility makes it so popular and most favorite. It is available in four different types of fragrances, such as Country fresh, Lemon, Outdoor fresh and even fragrance free.Raid kill bedbugs
  • Leaves no odor.
  • Non-staining.
  • Inflammable.
  • There are non-specific raid sprays available in the market which are capable of killing any bug. An example is Raid EarthBlends Multi Bug killer.

Steps to follow and why

  • Vacuum the area before you spray Raid to avoid the contact of raid with household items.
  • Vacate the room for 30 minutes after spraying to avoid the inhalation of Raid.
  • Avoid spraying electrical outlets, edible crops, commercial food outlets and other places in the house where food is kept, to avoid any insecticidal effect.
  • Spray Raid directly on bugs and in infested places such as cracks, crevices, sinks, in drawers and under furniture. Spraying Raids in cracks and crevices not only kills but also prevents bed bugs’ entry.
  • Read the label properly before buying it. There are different raids for different purposes.
  • Spray Raid along the walls, carpet, outlets, baseboards and other places where you believe bugs to be, to eliminate them.
  • Do not forget to spray Raid into the disassembled bed frames, because it is bed bug’s favorite place to hide.
  • It comes with a reusable Auto Trigger. This is a battery operated trigger to reduce hand fatigue.

Raid kill bed bugs
Raid Spray with Auto trigger


Does raid kill bed bugs?

Some drawbacks of Raid

  • Raid damages liver and nerves in humans if inhaled.
  • Asthmatics should beware of Raid.
  • Children and pests should leave the room, as they are more sensitive to these pesticides. If possible vacate the room completely to avoid inhalation of spray.
  • To maintain peak protection re-apply when it rains, as this breaks down the residual effectiveness.
  • The formulation of this pesticide focuses on forming a barrier and residual treatment more than quick annihilation.
  • Spray Raid after every 3 months.

Some facts from the Raid users say that it is a good all-purpose spray with many varieties to choose from. It is easily available in your local market.

Does raid kill bed bugs

Raid is a death sentence for bed bugs. Just press the nozzle and the work is accomplished. Instead of thinking “Does raid kill bed bugs?” just go and get some to get rid of these unwelcome guests.

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  1. tracie says:

    will raid really get rid of my bedbugs iv had them a month and its not really good with children

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  2. Bobby says:

    First of all, let me say, I am not a nasty person. I don’t have a spot free home, but I do clean. Secondly, I have those S.O.B.’s in my home. I have a 1 bedroom apt. My 15yo moved in with me in may. I don’t know if he brought them with him from Arizona or not. Here’s what I have done so far to fight these pesky bugs.

    1. Accepted the fact that I have them.
    You have to quit trying to figure out where they came from, at least for now until you get control of them, and get them gone.

    2. I have a job, but like 90% of Americans, I don’t make alot of money. I cannot afford an exterminater. Orkin is the only one that guarantees to get rid of them. So, I researched the web, and came across this site. I should first say that my Ex-Mother-in law gave me a can of Hot Shot bedbug and flea killer. IT DID NOT WORK. However, I did try Raid, and IT DID WORK. It killed them almost instantly, like within a few seconds. Also, Ortho Max, kills them as well. Not as quick as Raid, but it does work.

    3. Remove EVERYTHING from your bedroom. Spray EVERY baseboard where the carpet goes under it. Wash your sheets and covers in hot water; it would be best to turn up your hot water heart a little bit. Put them in the washer, fill it up with water, and let soak for about 15 to 30 min. Start the washer. When they are done, put them in the dryer on the hot setting. My sheets are only supposed to be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, but it did not hurt them when I washed them in hot water, or when I put them in the dryer on the hottest setiing.

    4. VACUM, VACUM, VACUM. Twice a day for the first couple of weeks. Empty the vacum, every time, throwing what is in the cannister or bag OUT SIDE IN THE TRASH.

    5. DO this for a couple of weeks straight. I know it gets old, but you will see a noticeable difference on the second day. Eventually, you wont see hardly any. That doesn’t mean you have won. Keep up with the spraying at least once a week. You dont have to move everything, but make sure you get ALL the baseboards.

    This is what I have done, and I have seen a considerable drop, almost completely gone. I see one or two, every hour or five days, but I have only been battling them for about a month and a half.

    Goodluck to you, and kill them b@$+@rds.

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    • kq says:

      @Bobby: You’ve forgotten the mattress and box spring encasement and the bed bug powder. The powder can go into outlets, bed frames, in furniture, rugs, and crevices and is non-toxic. The good mattress encasements can seal in bed bugs and keep them out, starving the ones in the mattress over 18 months. Put the powder in the vacuum before you use the vacuum.

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  3. Sunshine JL says:

    I tried hot shot and I left the house but will return later today to see if it worked. My goodfriend spray raid and instantly the bedbug died. I’m researching to see what else kills them.

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  4. Sunshine JL says:

    i also spryed the alcohol. they pretended to be dead but when I sprayed again they moved. does it suppose to kill them?

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  5. J.m.o says:

    I am pretty sure I have bed bugs, I cannot sleep at night and I am constantly itching and i have tiny bite marks all over. My thing though is that i have yet to see a single bug or any bug traces….are they that hard to spot????

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    • j says:

      @J.m.o: yes, they are hard to spot. i wouldnt know i had them if my wife wasnt slightly alergic to bug bites – she gets a big bite mark… as soon as we try to catch them they are gone. i did find one, but it was months after she first got bit

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  6. hernandez says:

    I recently found bed bugs in maa home : ( was really shocked to see how many were there and the worst about it is that i have an 8 month lil princess. Its was shocking to see them in my baby crib i immediately soaked it in boiling super hot water and was amazed to see much i had killed im a cold blooded killa when it comes to pesticide in maa home.. MY QUESTION IS SHOULD I SPRAY RAID IN HER CRIB OR JUST KEEP SOAKING IT IN BOILING WATER EVERY OTHER WEEK. HELP NEEDED PLS

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  7. jennifer says:

    im aslo slighting alergic to bed bug bites. i had bites so bad that it looked like poison ivy my doc said n had a staroied cream i had to use. the crazy thing was every morning there would be nothing in my bed for us to see what was biteing me. then one night i felt something crawling on me i used my phone to see what it was and a saw what looked to be a baby roach. my hsban came in and looked at the bed and it was crawling with them on my side only ><

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  8. Rico2182 says:

    First and foremost I understand that people are usually in denial when it comes to admitting that they have bed bugs. Please take bite marks seriously and get immediate help! Vacuum and call in a professional if you can. If you cannot afford a professional then let your apt complex manager know and see about what you both can do to get rid of these little monsters! They are VERY difficult to spot and impossible to get rid of on your own. Use Raid and flea killer and always vacuum every damn day! Good luck folks and when in doubt about whether you have them or not, just take the smart road and get ready for a long battle that you CAN win. It just takes time…

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