Bed Bugs At Movie Theatres

Bed Bugs at movie theaters is one of the most common news events in last few years. Why not? They are equally interested in watching a movie. Bed bugs are the most successful creepy critter these days. Now they are embarking upon some of the most successful movie theaters. 2010 was the year of bed bug crisis for New York.

Some of the most popular movie theaters which have been victim of bed bugs in recent years are:

  • Times Square AMC Theater
  • Peg movie theater
  • Court Street movie theater
  • Winnipeg movie theaters
  • Broadway Theaters

bed bugs at movie theaters
They were all bed bug infested in 2010. Great customer service by these theaters made them absolutely devoid of bed bugs. But recently on 13 February 2011 there was news that bed bugs were found at Regency Cinema.

bed bugs t movie theatres

They had to shut down AMC 25 Theater as it became impossible for customers to enjoy the movie because of the bed bugs. Many theaters have installed new furniture. Some have had to close until exterminators had treated it. Just imagine you were enjoying one of your favorite movies and all of a sudden you experience something crawl on to you and get into your clothes. You may not get bitten but bed bugs can easily hitch a ride home with you.Two movie theaters have had to shut down due the bed bug outbreak.

One reason behind the outbreak of bed bugs in Movie Theaters is that it is one of the best places to hide. The other probable reason behind it is that they get ample opportunity to feed on you. Once these movie theaters are infested with bed bugs, they require at least three heat treatments.

A survey of North American pest control companies showed a 70 per cent rise in bed bug infestations over the last 10 years.

Pest control companies such as Bell Environmental Services are working efficiently to clear this bed bug problem in movie theatres. These are huge areas so generally it requires fumigation to get rid of bed bugs. According to their prevention policy the treatment must be repeated two weeks later for complete eradication of bed bugs.The terror of bed bugs has reached its height: movie theaters have been retreated twice and thrice to make sure they do not contain even a single bed bug. The public is experiencing the horror of bed bugs even outside their homes. This means there is hardly any place left where one can enjoy quality time.

Well, there have been several measures taken by the owners of these movie theaters to remain bed bug free.
People are avoiding movie theatres especially in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Simply not going to Movie Theater is not the solution.

Instead of being confused, take a few measures such as the following:

  • Inspect yourself thoroughly as you leave the movie theater as bed bugs are very efficient hitchhikers.
  • Treat all your clothes with hot water as soon as you get home to disinfect your clothes. This prevent them spreading to other places in your house.
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and trousers. Cover yourself as much as you can.

By taking preventative measures including those above, we can surely get rid of this problem. The existence of bed bugs at movie Theatres at least clears all those misconception that bed bugs can only be found in the home or at work places. They can be present almost anywhere including leisure venues.

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  1. joe smo says:

    we went to the movies in Greenville S. C.. I had 25 bites. this is out of controll. I feel like I’ve been invaded. NASTY!!!!

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  2. unique says:

    dont worry i got them to

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  3. Ai says:

    My family and I went to the Amc theaters in Brandon, FL across from Westfield Mall and had to leave the movie early because we found an infestation of them on the seats, in theater room 13, during the new Marilyn Monroe. Now one of our family members has a rash from a mite called scabies! And who knows if we didn’t accidently bring them home!!! We reported this to the theaters, hope they evacuate!

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  4. Linda says:

    I dont do movies or thrift stores but got them anyways :)

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  5. Mizuki says:

    Court Street Movie Theater has them again. Found ONE trying to escape! Killed it, I don’t see anymore but I’m on high alert. No more theaters, renting movies.

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  6. Matthew says:

    On May 4 of this year I had gone to see The Avengers at Yorkdale Cinemas, a week later I started to find bites, on my legs only. I had thought my bites were from Mosquitoes, but I have been only wearing jogging pants outside. The bites got worse. I used every Mosquito protecting spray I could get my hands on, it never worked. I kept scratching and buying after bite creams and OFF spray bottles. On June 12 I went to my doctor so I could get the bites checked out. After a 10 minute talk with my doctor, she came to the conclusion that I might have Scabies. Another week later, and I find an insect on my mattress that sort of kind of, fits the description of a bed bug, plus my bites fit the description of bed bugs. Now I have another appointment to visit my doctor today, in 2 hours. I need to know once and for what the hell is biting me.

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  7. Jessie says:

    OMG,every time I go to the movies I get so itchi,and come out with bites on my feet and back, it only happends at the Regal

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