Are Bedbugs Dangerous?

These pests can make you terrified of sleeping with the lights off, and so the question comes to mind, “Are bed bugs dangerous?” This question demands the clarity on the intensity of problems that bed bugs can cause. Though severe itching caused by bedbugs is the common problem, bedbugs can be far more dangerous.

Are bed bugs dangerous
This itching can lead to serious secondary infection. They feed on warm blooded animals. While feeding they inject saliva into the skin. There are several species of bedbugs which feed on humans. These species are common and tropical bugs, poultry bugs and bat bugs.

are bedbugs dangerous?
Common Bed bug

are bedbugs dangerous
Tropical bed bug

Are bedbugs dangerous
Bat bug

One of the several studies on bedbugs conducted by Department of Virology, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa concludes that transmission of HIV is unlikely to occur in bed bug under normal conditions.

Few years back, a study proved that bedbug do play a role in transmitting Hepatitis B virus, but according to the WHO report, this hypothesis has been neglected by researchers in Gambia. This proves bedbugs are not transmitters of viruses.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? Yes, they are. Following facts proves it

  • People who are exposed to the bedbug bites for the first time may suffer from intense itching, local inflammation and sleepless nights. Female bedbug are larger than males, and therefore the consumption of blood is higher in comparison to male bed bugs. This may lead to secondary infection if scratched.
  • Secondary infection is a bacterial infection which causes further problems such as cellulitis, lymphangitis and ecthyma.
  • Whereas for those who have previously been bitten several times, symptoms may not be too intense and severe.
  • The World Health Organization reports, “In heavily infested houses where people may receive one hundred or more bites a night, it is possible that the blood loss causes mild anemia in infants”.are bedbugs dangerous

Bed bugs endemic areas 


  • They are not the transmitters of viruses and cannot be held responsible for contagious diseases, but still, they suck your blood. This can lead to several blood deficiency diseases such as anemia, hemophilia and many more.
  • One of the major problems of bedbugs is that they can re-emerge anytime. For example, recurrence of bedbugs has been observed overseas and in Australia despite the use of a variety of insecticides and repellents. With every new bedbug outbreak, there comes a new repellent, pesticide and insecticide with new techniques. Still recurrence of bedbug outbreaks continues, which shows that besides poor sanitation there is definitely a different cause.
  • Few cases have also shown an anaphylactic reaction. The shed skin of bed bugs can be an irritant that can cause an asthmatic reaction.
  • Bedbugs may be vectors or transmitters for chagas disease(American trypanosomiasis) in endemic areas.are bedbugs dangerous
    Chagas disease


  • The skin injury caused by them differs for every bug as it depends on the structure of their mouthparts and the body part on which they bite. The symptoms differ in every individual, so these factors determine whether bed bugs are dangerous to that individual or not.
  • The common body parts bitten by these parasites are hands, neck, face, lower legs and arms. Papular urticaria is severe skin disorder caused by them where bullae rashes are occasionally severe.
  • Several laboratories have found that bedbugs carry causative agents for plague, yellow fever, anthrax, typhus, relapsing fever and tularemia. It is also proved that they cannot carry them under normal condition.
  • It is stated that while biting, bedbugs inject several pharmacologically active components. These substances are hyaluronidase, kinins and proteases. Now, proteases are the enzymes which can break protein bonds and thus destroy several protein structures in our body. This can damage blood proteins which can lead to further damage. Other components can lead to several skin reactions such as wheals, erythematic, hemorrhagic nodules and vesicles.
  • Exposure to bedbugs leads to several psychological problems. Some victims of bedbugs are practicing cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Bedbugs are becoming a major problem in endemic areas such as New York, Colorado, Michigan and Ohio. They can be found almost anywhere. It is becoming difficult day by day to get rid of them. Under these circumstances, we must know how dangerous they are.

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  1. KristieSmith says:

    OK, so I am staying at the motel 6 in Des Moines Iowa, NE 14th Street off of Exit 136. I am freaking out right now wondering if there have been sightings here?????…I recently read that bed bugs are very bad in this state.
    I would also like to know if the motel hotel is to put up signs that they have had bed bug problems.
    Please tell me if this is one of the motel/hotel that has had a sighting.



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  2. Anonymous says:

    So there are MANY bed bugs in my house. We have tried MANY things to get them out but nothing is helping. We have had them for almost 2 years! If I am continuously getting bit, could I become ill? I can’t even sleep because I’m terrified they will crawl on me and bite me. They are disgusting! I’m scared to even turn off the lights and on this very night I’m sleeping in my bathtub because they have me paranoid! What do I do!?*

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Ok…so here’s the deal….When I found out I had bed bugs it took a while to even realize it. I thought I had some type of skin problem, I thought it was my job and the laundering of the uniforms, I tried changing soaps, detergents and etc. However, to my surprise it was just me and my boyfriend getting tore up by these hideous and PESTS. I had 3 others living in my home and they had never had one symptom. So then I was figuring that it had something to do with my bed, or my room. (Come to find out, it wasn’t in my room at all) I found out about these online, while I was looking at the medical website for red bumps and bed bugs came up. I googled them, and that is when I found out about this horrible ongoing nightmare. I called a pest control company that specialized in the K-9 dog unit that sniffs out bed bugs in your home. (They are trained to find every crack and crevice in your home and it worked) The bad thing is that they said it would cost me $2900.00 and I DEFINIATELY did not have that kind of money. So my grandmother told me to get 91% Isoproyl Alcohol and Spray EVERYTHING in my house that could remotely be infested. ( This would include the walls, because that is another stains on the walls, and black stains on the matteresses. However, you have to do this non-stop (without ceasing) every week. I had my son and I do it EVERY Saturday. We would just get up early in the morning and wash everything from the linens, to the mattress pads, mattress covers, blankets, sheets, comforters,pillow cases, and even spray the carpets, shelves, vaccum cleaner casings and components. Wash all of your clothing in hot water and high heat dryers. Put all of your clothing in a large lawn (dark) trash bag outside in the heat and sealed tight for about 4 to 6 hours every weekend, and this will result in the killing of these nasty pests. You must turn your furniture upside down to get into the crevices and cracks, that you have never seen, because that is where they hide best. You have to continue this type of cleaning every week for approximately 6 to 8 months, and you will start to see less and less of your arch enemy. Just remember to NEVER stop doing it when you do your weekly cleaning, because Alcohol will now become your best friend. Do not be ashamed to spray before company comes and after they leave, because this is how your protect yourself from this annoying epidemic to ever occur again. Also remember that whenever you go visit someone, you can take a small bottle with your on the plane, bus, your car, hotel, traveling bags, and even event seats, because you just NEVER know. God bless and I pray that you find peace in your home. I finally have peace, but I will never rest from making sure to “Bed Bug” proof my home.

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  4. gini says:

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  5. N/A says:

    IM SCARED!! I have a 8month old & i think i have bed bugz!!! I dont know where they came and i dont know where they are! I dont know where to start! I cant afford an exterminator .. IM GOING CRAZY!

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  6. N/A says:

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  7. bedbug victim says:

    My experience with bed bugs was like living in hell. I had extreme itching, and bad reactions to them. The bedbugs were plentiful where I lived before here and the people treated me bad. They started a lie about me bringing stuff back that was removed from the apartment so there was less stuff there so they could baked it.
    So they took their time trying to rid them in my apartment, wanting me to leave and not permitting me to eat in the dining room where they served meals. I didn’t deserve that because I did nothing to deserve it . I had rather adverse reactions to them like large welts from them and horrible itching. I was struggling trying to get them well and kept getting them so I wouldn’t do anything to bring them back. It has been over two 1/2 years since I was first bit and I am starting to get well from the cellulitis and skin disease caused by them. I had alot of bites in one area of my leg and that was the leg that had that bad area of bites, and that was the area of celllulitis and bites. The ordeal didn’t help the extreme anxiety I already had.

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  8. Thomas says:

    Stayed over at a Super 8 motel in Phoenix Arizona this past weekend, and was awaken at around 2AM with a terrible itching on my back side, I first thought I had been bitten by mosquitos as I had numerous bumps(about 10) from the bites,I turned on the light and looked under the sheets and seen a bug, I smashed it and noted alot of blood ! For two days these bites itched like hell and above my left eye was a bite I could barely open my eye, which was bad as I wear contact lens . I do not think I would ever again stay at this Super 8 motel again even if the rooms were free, I do not like bugs crawling and biting me while I’m sleeping . You can not ever relax, like being in the jungle !

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