Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

No, bed bugs never cause contagious diseases. Are Bed bugs contagious? This question focuses on the spread of bed bugs rather than on its symptoms and illness caused. However, bed bug infestation is highly contagious. They spread rapidly from one place to another. They can not fly as they are not endowed with wings, but can run quickly across the floor.

The places most prone to bed bug infestation are cracks, mattresses, bedding, crevices, etc. Bed bugs get attached to beds, clothing, furniture and luggage. Whenever a person travels to a bed bugs endemic place, he can easily discover an outbreak of bed bugs . One should be extremely careful while traveling, especially to endemic areas. Things which act as vectors for bed bug infestation are: clothing, luggage and second hand furniture.
Are bed bugs cantagious
You may not notice when you pick these items up as they are too small and most of the time they remain in seams and pockets of luggage. They come out to feed on human and pet blood while they sleep.
It used to be a problem in the 1950s. There was a time when bed bugs were common only in some places like hotel and hospitals. Only the most prone areas used to become infested with bed bugs. Various reports have shown that there has been a massive increase in the bed bug population in the last few years. Now the situation is that there is hardly a place left which is not inhabited by these pests.

According to a survey by the University of Massachusetts, -68% of all bedbug infestation in endemic areas require more than 3 treatments whereas 26% require two treatments and in 6% of cases bed bugs can be eradicated by just one treatment.

Bedbug bites and symptoms can not be sufficient evidence of bed bug infestation, as 60% of victims do not react to bed bug bites until they have been exposed to bed bugs for a prolonged period of time. Regular cleaning and good housekeeping can limit infestation but it is not at all sufficient to get rid of bed bugs.

are bed bugs contagious

Your sweet home can be nested by bed bugs due to these factors:

  • Globalization is on the rise, so if useful items can be exchanged then why not these creatures?
  • If a guest stays in an infested room he can take back these pesky pests as a parting gift.
  • Take care of your luggage while on tour or a vacation. Do not store it in an infected room.
  • Luggage should not come into contact with infected luggage.
  • Many regions are not subject to the use of residual insecticide.
  • Furniture is most prone to bed bugs infestation, especially second hand furniture.
  • Infected clothing or bedding can bring bed bugs to your home.
  • As previously mentioned, 60% victims do not react to bed bug bites.
  • Central heating and climate control.

In the 1930’s, the spread of bed bugs came to a halt and only 25% of all homes were infested. A few years back Sydney hit the headlines, as almost every hotel was infested and that just before the commencement of the Olympic Games.

These places where you spend long periods of time are more prone to bed bug infestation

  • Living Room
  • Offices
  • Motor Vehicles

Are bed bugs Contagious? Yes, they are. But you can easily prevent them.

  • Avoid sharing personal items such as bedding, coats, clothes, towel or backpacks.
  • Once you notice a bed bug infestation in your dwelling, call an exterminator.
  • Clothes should be placed in places where they do not come in contact with unaffected clothing.
  • Avoid second hand furniture such as beds and couches.

It has already been proven several times that there are no effective home cures to curb a high intensity of bed bug infestation, but selecting a less experienced professional can increase the problem. Therefore, call a well reputed exterminator to get rid of this problem.

Early detection is the key to rapid eradication. “Are bed bugs contagious?” should be substituted with “Are the bed bug symptoms contagious?”

18 Responses to “Are Bed Bugs Contagious?”

  1. diana cornis says:

    Iv’e tried a host of bedbug products.It seem they just keep on attacking. someone please HELP!!!!!!!!!

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    • kristal kazee says:

      @diana cornis:
      have you tried rid bedding spray I found this worked, spray everything let it dry then cover with sheet or something, hope it helps you.

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    • Misty Lowder says:

      @diana cornis:
      I just moved in this place after having bed bugs at the house I lived in before this one…both places I moved in with roommates…One house was being treated but it wasn’t working and we spent 800.00 for exterminator…so I just moved out cuz I was the only one getting bit….I get to the other place and same thing…so I finally got rid of the couch and had to clean this place up…it was absolutely disgusting…the guy hadn’t cleaned anything and the dishes were piled up like a foot out of the sink, there wasn’t any counter space left or on the stove…there was mold on the dishes with slime, it was awful…Now that it’s clean the bed bugs are still here…don’t know what to do and I’m tired of being bit…anyone have any tricks, please let me know…I swear they are not destructable…It’s crazy…I always thought the bed bug thing was just a myth and just something you said, well it wasn’t and those fuckers are no joke…lol

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  2. Reyna Mejia @ 9:30 says:

    im too scared to even walk in my living room now. i dont know where to sleep i would sleep in my room but my sister sleeping there i would sleep in the living room but that is where they are most likely to be HELP MEEEE PLEASEE!!!!

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  3. tyrone says:

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  4. Angie says:

    OMG!!! Me, my husband, my 4 yr old and 2mth old son stayed in a hotel….Now 9 days later I have these little bumps showing up on me everywhere. None of the others have the bumps but I am covered. The night after we came home we found a bed bug on my Ugg boots. If it was bed bugs wouldn’t they be showing signs? Someone please help me…

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    • angela brown says:

      @Angie: i want to a hotal to and a 2day later i was breaking off and i want to a doctor and they said that u have bed bug bite i was so scare i dnt not no what thing was i want MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Danielle says:

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  6. Mrs.Williams says:

    I have a friend who has just discovered she had beg bugs. The kids have several bumps and she is so scared. She found that one of her mattresses was infested with them. What advice can i give her for getting rid of these bugs?

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  7. gem says:

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  8. Jen says:

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