Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bug bite symptoms don’t appear immediately, usually after a week victims notice small bumps.
Watch your skin for red welts. These red welts may not cause any itching initially to some people. During the initial stages they are small and hard to recognize. The most common sign of bed bug bites is that they will occur in a regular line of three. This pattern is referred to as “breakfast, lunch and dinner” by infectious disease experts. They cause an itching and burning sensation after a few days.

It’s not surprising that bed bug bite symptoms differ from individual to individual. Only allergic people show symptoms due to hypersensitive reactions, whereas some barely feel an itch. Nearly 60 percent of all exposed are unaware of bed bug bite symptoms.

Your skin reacts differently in different parts of the body. The skin of the face, hands and feet react the most when bitten by bed bugs.  These are quite innocuous and are often misdiagnose as skin disorders such as scabies, rashes or mosquito bites.

  • With exposure to harsh conditions, itching increases. These harsh conditions can be a warm bath, exercising, chlorinated water of swimming pool, etc. Polluted environments also make us more reactive to bites. Those people whose skin develops blisters within a few minutes after a bite should visit a doctor immediately. To confirm bed bug bites, look for the following:
  • Red bumps in a “breakfast, lunch and dinner” pattern a regular line of three.

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Bed Bugs Products

Past few experiences provide us the clue that traveling is the most common method of the spread of bed bugs around the world. The following bed bug products include pillows, pillow-cases, laundry bags and luggage liners. When planning your trip, make sure these products are a part of it. Without them, there is a high probability of bringing these creatures into your house when you return from your journey. All the anti bed bug products listed below are approved by entomologists.

Reasons to protect your laundry from bed bugs

  • Your clothes provide several hiding places for bed bugs. Therefore, these are the places most vulnerable to bed bug infestation.

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Does Baby Powder Kill Bed Bugs

Questions such as “Does baby powder kill bed bugs?” gains momentum only when one is not aware. Therefore, awareness is the most important tool, especially in when dealing with the problems like bed bugs. You can easily get rid of bed bugs with the use of many effective techniques other than baby powder.

Baby powder as a bed bug repellent

  • Some baby powders consist of coarse material such as cornstarch, which makes it difficult for bed bugs to crawl on it. However, there are several theories that prove that it doesn’t work.

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Will A Hot Hair Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

Heat is the most common way to get rid of bed bugs. Suffering due to bed bugs gave rise to the hot hair dryer as a tool to kill bed bugs. The height of the problem gave rise to several new solutions. When victims lost their belief on sprays, aerosols or powders then they started trying out their own inventions. There was just an idea that heat was the most efficient way to kill bed bugs, and they tried everything that involved heat, including hair driers. Will a hot hair dryer kill bed bugs? People have been trying the heat method since centuries. Central heating in a house is the traditional way of maintaining constant heat to get rid of bed bugs. Traditions have always been the best guidepost for most things in life.

Advantages of heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs

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How to Kill Bed Bug on Clothes

Your dress sense represents your style. That is why clothing is seen as a style statement. You pay so much of attention to them and when they become infested with bedbugs it is a most terrible moment. With severe bedbug infestations you must know how to kill bed bugs on clothes. Infestation of bedbugs on your favorite piece of clothing indicates rounds and rounds of laundering. It also signals the loss of appeal of the fabric. However, there are several other effective ways to get rid of these pesky pests.

How to kill bed bugs on clothes

How to kill bed bug on clothes
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How To Kill Bed Bugs In A Car

A car, whether a Maruti 800 or an Audi, changes your lifestyle once you get it. It makes your life comfortable as well. Imagine this comfort acquires the bite of bed bugs! It surely has the potential to spoil all of the comfort. But it is a fact bed bugs have infested cars (your most comfortable conveyance) as well. In these cases you must be aware of how to kill bed bugs in a car. Anything which has carpet and upholstery can be infested by bed bugs. Couches are one of the most infested places whether in your living room or in your car. Bed bugs may be difficult to kill but easy to get rid of. There are very few things available to kill bed bugs that will also be at the expense of one’s health.

Causes of Bed bugs in your car

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How To Prevent Bed Bugs At Hotel

At least bed bugs are doing something sensible. Bed bugs very popular in some hotels. Jokes apart, these hotels have already started a drive against bed bugs. The bed bug breakout leads to so many questions like how to prevent bed bugs at hotels.

Hotels which made the headlines are

  • Waldorf-Astoria–  Nobody would have ever believed that this hotel could ever become infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs plagued the Waldorf-Astoria recently, in Jan 2011.
  • Popular Fame Residence Kemer Hotel in Turkey was recently in the news due to bed bug infestation.
  • People are terrified to spend their vacation in the Hotel Park Lane of New York due to bed bug infestation.

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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In A Couch

Each and every household item stores a memories. It is really difficult to part with them. That is why Indian houses are known for keeping even the most ancient household items in their houses for so long. Even abandoned toys tell so many stories. Just a few measures are required and you can secure these treasures for generations to come.

“Couch”. Even the name has the potential to allow you to sleep. The devastating thought of bedbugs in a couch will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Bed bugs are so pesky that they can easily convert your most comfy furniture into a mess. It is not at all cost-effective to replace your sofa every time it gets infested by bed bugs. Some well-known yet not always thought of measures are more than enough to get rid of bed bugs in couches.

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Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs

Calcium Hypochlorite or bleaching powder is widely popular for disinfecting swimming pool or drinking water. It is also used for killing household pests and removes moss and algae. Bleach has enough potential to kill most of the insects. The fumes are harmful to both insects and human. Does bleach kill bed bugs? Long exposure of bleach to bed bugs can eradicate it completely. It kills bed bugs only when it comes in direct contact with them.

Does bleach kill bed bugs

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Bed Bugs At Movie Theatres

Bed Bugs at movie theaters is one of the most common news events in last few years. Why not? They are equally interested in watching a movie. Bed bugs are the most successful creepy critter these days. Now they are embarking upon some of the most successful movie theaters. 2010 was the year of bed bug crisis for New York.

Some of the most popular movie theaters which have been victim of bed bugs in recent years are:

  • Times Square AMC Theater
  • Peg movie theater
  • Court Street movie theater
  • Winnipeg movie theaters
  • Broadway Theaters

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